Supporting & Promoting Adam Lambert in the U.K.
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Queen With Adam Lambert in Detroit

Queen + Adam Lambert brings “magic” to the Palace

Gary Graff wrote:
AUBURN HILLS >> Queen once asked the musical question “Who wants to live forever?” but the veteran British band is doing a pretty good job at that — and an even better job these days with “American Idol” finalist Adam Lambert...
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Queen With Adam Lambert #4 on Billboards Top Tours

Billboard Biz wrote:
Fourth in the tally is a two-show engagement in Las Vegas featuring Brian May and Roger Taylor of the iconic band Queen along with new frontman, "American Idol" alum Adam Lambert. Billed as Queen + Adam Lambert, the collaborating rock artists played to sellout crowds on July 5 and 6 at The Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel. May and Taylor have performed...
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Queen With Adam Lambert in Dallas

Adam Lambert + Queen Rock Dallas Arena on New Tour

Adam Lambert Daily News & Information Mtyond10

Luis Gonzalez for Album Confessions wrote:
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Queen with Adam Lambert in Houston

Adam Lambert keeps Queen rocking in Houston

Joey Guerra wrote:
If there were any qualms from Houston fans Wednesday night about Adam Lambert slipping into the studded leather of the late, great Freddie Mercury — they were silenced when the “American Idol” finalist lent his swooping vocals to “Fat Bottomed Girls.”
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See what concerts are pulling in the big bucks

Jason Bracelin of The Las Vegas Review Journal wrote:
They were good shows, and they did good business.

Queen + Adam Lambert’s two-night stint at The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel last weekend was both a critical and financial success, grossing nearly $900,000 on a pair of sellouts.

Here are the numbers on those shows as well as other recent Vegas...
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Nikki Sixx and Rob Halford discuss Queen

Discussed Adam with Queen from 11mins 10secs.

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Queen With Adam Lambert in Vegas Night 2

MORE VIDEOS ON THESE Youtube channels

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Queen & Adam Lambert in Vegas Night One

Review Added July 12th

The show must go on: queen + adam lambert rocked the joint in Vegas.

Adam Lambert Daily News & Information Img_2910

K.J. Mcdonald...
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Adam & Queen In The L.A.Times

Adam Lambert Daily News & Information Q10


Ellen DeGeneres, Adam Lambert,...
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Adam Lambert Grabs a Healthy Lunch Before Queen Concert!

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Queen + Adam Lambert is real life, not just fantasy

Adam Lambert Daily News & Information Web1_q10

Jason Bracelin at The Las Vegas Review Journal wrote:

Queen is one of the most ridiculous bands ever.

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Queen + Adam Lambert: It’s A Kind of Magic

Linda Garnett wrote:
There are not enough adjectives to describe the Queen & Adam Lambert show at the San Jose SAP Center. Brian May, Roger Taylor, and Adam Lambert cast a spell over the at-capacity audience with their combined musical genius into a two-and-a-half-hour extravaganza.

It was forty-five minutes past the announced start time, and one of the sound men...
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Adam in the San Jose Metro Newspaper

Adam Lambert Daily News & Information Brfnwq10

Bigger scan

by Carol - Comments: 0 - Views: 273

Adam & Cyndi Lauper

They met up at the Cher Show in Vancouver

Adam Lambert Daily News & Information Captur20

Bigger pic on Cyndi Lauper : Instagram

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Adam Lambert And Queen The ‘Must See’ Show Of Summer

Adam Lambert Daily News & Information Adamla12

Jon Hueber wrote:
Adam Lambert couldn’t even win the talent contest that he was part of. That was the one huge question having...
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Queen + Adam Lambert, The Tale of Three Cities, part 2.

whosravennow wrote:
Calgary, Alberta

The trip to Calgary was filled with delicious anticipation. I had bit the bullet and decided to go for broke and bought an OnStage ticket. I really wanted to get a different perspective and figured this would do it.  The OnStage package included all the bits and bobs that come with VIP packages T Shirt, souvenir...
by Carol - Comments: 0 - Views: 275

Queen With Adam Lambert in Calgary

All hail rock royalty — Queen’s legacy kept alive and well

Queen Rocks Dome

Gerry Krochak wrote:
It’s Queen … but it’s not Queen.

Look, whether you buy into anyone other than the incomparable Freddie Mercury fronting Queen or not, the opportunity to hear and see an even reasonable facsimile of one of the greatest rock bands in music history is one...
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Pop Music Still Lacks A  Gay Breakout Star

Adam reference in Sam Smith nterview

Quote :
American Idol, which has been around for a dozen years, only recently had its first openly gay contestant when M.K. Nobilette competed last season.

Nobilette wasn't the first gay competitor on the singing competition, but in previous years the show didn't have contestants discussing their sexual orientation...
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Queen With Adam Lambert in Edmonton

Rejuvenated Queen reigns supreme

Adam Lambert Daily News & Information 99714410

Sandra Sperounes wrote:

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Queen With Adam Lambert in Saskatoon

Queen's music remains main attraction

Heather Persson for The Star Phoenix wrote:

The true star of Queen's appearance at Credit Union Centre is easy to recognize.

It's not Adam Lambert.

This is not to say this American Idol product does not deserve credit for the way he steps...
by Carol - Comments: 0 - Views: 303

When Will Adam Lambert Release His Next Album?

Here's What We Know So Far

Alex Kritselsis wrote:
On Thursday, Adam Lambert kicked off his North American tour with Queen to rave reviews. Rolling Stone called Lambert’s opening night performance “brilliant,” while the Chicago Sun-Times praised Lambert’s “pop sensibility” and his “dizzying range” (they also cited Queen guitarist Brian May’s “unparalleled...
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Queen With Adam Lambert in Winnipeg

by Carol - Comments: 0 - Views: 277

Adam Lambert/Queen Interview

Quote :
99.9 BOB FM's Steve Adams speaks with Adam Lambert about Queen's June 21st show in Winnipeg.

by Carol - Comments: 0 - Views: 279

Queen and Adam Lambert open North America tour

Pressparty wrote:
Queen and Adam Lambert have kicked off their North America tour in style.

The band performed at Chicago's United Center on Thursday June 19 in what was the first date of a long run across the country.

The group opened with 'Now I'm Here' before launching into the amped-up 'Stone Cold Crazy'.

Other tracks played included...
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Adam Lambert on teaming up with Queen
'I'm having so much fun'

Quote :
Adam Lambert says he is having "so much fun" as Queen prepare to head out on tour.

The band are due to open their North America run tonight (June 19) in Chicago and the group, who Lambert is fronting, will then play Asia and Australia.

The singer told Rolling Stone that he has been enjoying time with Brits as the...
by Carol - Comments: 0 - Views: 281

Adam Lambert on Queen's Summer Tour,
'Glee,' His Next Album and More

"I will never compare to Freddie Mercury," Lambert tells RS. "He's one in a million."

Andy Greene wrote:
Like a lot of fans under a certain age, Adam Lambert first learned about Queen when he saw the "Bohemian Rhapsody" scene in Wayne’s World in 1992. "I said to my dad, 'Who's...
by Carol - Comments: 0 - Views: 238

iHeartRadio Live with Queen + Adam Lambert

Queen Performs Freddie Mercury Solo Song
'Love Kills' for First Time Ever

Lindsey Parker wrote:
by Carol - Comments: 0 - Views: 297

Adam Lambert

Prepping for Queen Tour 'Has Been a Blast'

by Carol - Comments: 0 - Views: 236

Sunday Night at 7 Interview

Lovely Adam Lambert helps Sam Smith with gay news

Lisa McGarry wrote:
Adam Lambert has offered his support and backing to singer songwriter...
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Queen & Adam Lambert ready what could be their final tour

Jane Stevenson wrote:
'It'll probably be a long show and very loud,' guitarist Brian May promises

We are the Champions again. And, quite possibly, for “one last time.”

British rock act Queen are playing North American arenas this summer with American Idol season eight runner up Adam Lambert as frontman for their first tour...
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Sky1 Announces When Glee Season 5 Midseason Break Will Finally End

Quote :
While many die-hard fans have found ways around the enormous midseason break and have watched the rest of season 5, for those who have toughed it out (or those just wanting to rewatch) you’re in for some treats. Not only do you finally have the graduation of Artie, Blaine, Sam, and Tina, and the start of their lives post-graduation,...
by Carol - Comments: 0 - Views: 252

Adam Lambert and Queen rehearsal photos appear online
ahead of tour – take a look!

Adam Lambert Daily News & Information Adam-l19

Martin Lamont wrote:
It’s almost here, and we’re loving all your excitement ahead of the Queen and Adam...
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Adam Lambert addresses gun control issues
'What can we do to prevent senseless killing?'

Quote :
Vocal powerhouse Adam Lambert took to his official Twitter page to slam America's gun laws and explained that it's sickening to think of all the 'senseless killings' that take place as a result of citizens having such easy access to firearms.

Writing on his social networking page last night (June...
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Queen and Adam Lambert warm-up show to be broadcast in US

Adam Lambert Daily News & Information Firesh10

Quote :
Queen and Adam Lambert's upcoming show at the iHeartRadio Theater in Los Angeles will be broadcast across the US.
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Adam Lambert Edit of June 8 Queen Interview Preview

Press Release: Queen + Adam Lambert
Exclusive Show at The iHeartRadio Theater

Quote :
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First look: QUEEN and Adam Lambert

Official video......programme airs tonight in Australia

by Carol - Comments: 0 - Views: 223

Queen + Adam Lambert on 'Sunday Night' - Preview

Sunday Night wrote:
We go behind the scenes with the remaining duo from legendary rock band QUEEN and the new member that has given the band one more spin around more
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American Idol' on the Charts
Adam Lambert's 'Very Best' Debuts

Adam Lambert Daily News & Information Adam_l15
The Hollywood Reporter wrote:
FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT: A collection of greatest hits, including the singles "Whataya Want from...
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Here’s Your Chance to Meet Adam Lambert

One lucky winner will have the chance to meet Adam Lambert as part of AT&T’s Live Proud campaign

Adam Lambert Daily News & Information 26104b10

Ashley Baylen...
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Adam Lambert cosies up with the ladies of Little Mix!
Lisa McGarry wrote:
Little Mix picked up yet another award at the Glamour Women Of The Year ceremony last night and looked incredibly hot and mature while doing it!

The ladies won the band gong for the second year running and showed off their grown up style on the red carpet, after they were presented with their trophy by none other than Adam
by Carol - Comments: 0 - Views: 271

Adam Lambert And David Gandy
Bring The Hotness At The 2014 Glamour Awards

Socialite Life wrote:
Listen, when we had Adam Lambert and Jared Leto on the same red carpet, I didn’t think it could get any better. But I was wrong.

Because having Adam and David Gandy on the same red carpet is pretty much the best thing ever and just too much hotness for me to handle. The gentlemen put on their Tuesday best...
by Carol - Comments: 0 - Views: 270

Adam Lambert is teasing us!
Will the wait be worth it?

Adam Lambert Daily News & Information Adam-l17

Martin Lamont wrote:
Adam Lambert is definitely keeping his Glamberts around the world waiting and hoping for news of his new album,...
by Carol - Comments: 0 - Views: 283

Adam in The U.K.s Sunday Mirror

Adam Lambert Daily News & Information Bafktt10


by Carol - Comments: 0 - Views: 251

Adam Lambert Makes Fur Entrance at 'We Will Rock You' Show!

Just Jared wrote:
Adam Lambert keeps it fierce with a fur jacket while attending the last performance of the Broadway show We Will Rock You at the Dominion Theatre on Saturday May 31 in London,
by Carol - Comments: 0 - Views: 263

Adam Lambert “In Cracking Form” For Queen Rehearsals

Adam Lambert Daily News & Information Adam-l16

Quote :
Rehearsals for the gigs have begun. And according to the rock band’s iconic guitarist, Brian May, their new frontman is blowing...
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Queen Tour Rehearsals Commence

Pic tweeted by Adams UK Publicist Shoshanna Stone

Adam Lambert Daily News & Information Boy0z_11

by Carol - Comments: 0 - Views: 252

World Music Awards Air TONIGHT!

Adam is nominated in three categories and the show airs at 8pm. U.S time on NBC

Worlds Best Male Artist

Worlds Best Live Act

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YES! Adam Lambert and Queen add Australian tour date
& hit LONDON!

Adam Lambert Daily News & Information Roger-10

Martin Lamont wrote:
Adam Lambert and Queen adding more dates to their Australian tour is reminding us of when supergroup...
by Carol - Comments: 0 - Views: 258

How Adam Lambert Ended Up With Queen

973fm Australia wrote:
From American Idol to Glee and now performing on stage with none other than Queen, Adam Lambert's career seems to know no bounds!

Listen above as we caught up with the singer ahead of his tour with Queen to find out what led to the epic collaboration........
by Carol - Comments: 0 - Views: 257

Queen & Adam Australian Concert Promo
Spotted by Ausse D.J. Katemelb at Eat Richmond Train Station in Melbourne

Adam Lambert Daily News & Information Bog8gv10


by Carol - Comments: 0 - Views: 264
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