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 22 : 5 : 2013 : Headlines : Fox Is Considering a Plan to Have Former American Idols Judge Next Season

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PostSubject: 22 : 5 : 2013 : Headlines : Fox Is Considering a Plan to Have Former American Idols Judge Next Season   22.05.13 0:13

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Fox Is Considering a Plan to Have
Former American Idols Judge Next Season

Quote :
There's a very real chance the next American Idol will be judged by a panel of former American Idols. As Fox and the production companies behind the struggling (yet still high-rated) singing show ponder changes for the 2014 edition, two people with knowledge of the situation tell Vulture that serious consideration is being given to the idea of filling one, and very possibly all, of the slots on the show's judging panel with former Idol contestants. These sources say Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Clarkson have already been approached about the idea, and that the names of Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken are also under discussion. Alas, Justin Guarini does not seem to be on the short list.............. continued on Vulture

Star Spotting: Adam Lambert Would Be The Best Dad!

Quote :
In case you need a reminder, here's a short list of things that Adam Lambert DOMINATES. He's successful at being a glam prince, he wins awards for having the biggest heart ever, and he's a good son/boss/friend. Seriously, this list could go on forever (which it does in our head and could easily be a novel called "Two Billion Reasons Why Adam Lambert Is A Hero"). So, judging by this adorable photo of Adam holding a cute kid on his shoulders, isn't it obvious that Adam would make the best dad EVER?? Any y'all Glamberts got connections at Hallmark?! 'Cause this pic needs to be a Father's Day card, STAT!

The "Never Close Our Eyes" singer shared the "AWW"-worthy photo on Instagram without a caption, because this photo doesn't even need a caption -- the cuteness alone speaks for itself. And while we can't say for sure whose child it is, we'd like to take a moment to thank them for giving us visual proof that Adam as a dad would make this world a wayyy better place. And if we're being entirely honest, we have to admit that we're a liiiittle jealous of this kid. It's always been our life goal to touch Adam's AH-MAZING quiff, but this kid scored the opportunity at the ripe age of toddlerhood! (Except that they probably won't remember it, so go figure.) It's time to start your own glamily, Lambert! J/K... kind of

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Hump Day With Adam Lambert : After Elton Weekly Column

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It's no secret we love Adam Lambert and the energy and joy he brings to the otherwise sterile, manufactured world of modern pop music. But he's such a worldwide whirling dervish that it's sometimes difficult to keep track of where and when he touches down. So we're trying out a new weekly feature: Hump Day With Adam Lambert, which will hopefully keep us up-to-date with his appearances, performances, and interviews. read this weeks article Here

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22 : 5 : 2013 : Headlines : Fox Is Considering a Plan to Have Former American Idols Judge Next Season
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