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Supporting & Promoting Adam Lambert in the U.K.
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 Never Close Our Eyes : Music Video

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PostSubject: Never Close Our Eyes : Music Video   Never Close Our Eyes : Music Video Empty29.05.12 20:58

Never Close Our Eyes : Music Video Captur23

Adam Lambert & VEVO Present

Never Close Our Eyes

Never Close Our Eyes : Music Video Captur23

ABC Radio News : Adam Lambert Goes Sci-Fi for New "Never Close Our Eyes" Video

Quote :
Adam Lambert goes the sci-fi route in his new video for his single "Never Close Our Eyes," in which he leads a revolt against an oppressive, Orwellian, futuristic society.

In the clip, Adam wakes up in a futuristic cell and joins a line of his people, who are all dressed the same, marching in formation as cameras watch their every move. They all take trays and line up to receive their daily dose of capsules, but Adam doesn't take his. Instead, he crushes it, and a cloud of blue smoke appears. Everyone then steps into a booth and gets scanned, and their eyes turn black, except for Adam's. Somehow, the smoke, or the fact that he didn't take the capsule, has prevented him from being "controlled." ........ continue reading

Never Close Our Eyes : Music Video Captur23

Adam Lambert Blinds With Science In “Never Close Our Eyes” Video

Quote :
Adam Lambert has just pod-hatched his new sci-fi thriller video for "Never Close Our Eyes," and I imagine that if Duran Duran and Russell Mulcahy had had access to advanced technology (and access to RCA's advanced budgets) during their Seven & The Ragged Tiger video era, then their clips for "Union Of The Snake" and "Wild Boys" might've looked a little something like this.

The future-shocking, body-rocking "NCOE" video opus is equal parts time machine and CGI machine--a sort laboratory hybrid of '70s space odyssey, Mad Maxian '80s dystopia, '90s cyber-rave, and millennial dance party. And it's about as addictive as the little-blue-different mystery pills that Adam's ruggedly outfitted fellow cyborg-patients gobble up like Pacman pellets in the video's early scenes.

Color me impressed (in various shades of science-blindingly bright neon, of course). This just might be Adam's best video yet. Clearly it is Lambert's brave new world now. We just live in it.

© Lyndsey Parker for Reality Rocks

Never Close Our Eyes : Music Video Captur23

Adam Lambert Releases Dystopian 'Never Close Our Eyes' Clip

Big Brother is watching you destroy him with dance

Quote :
The new clip for "Never Close Our Eyes," the second single from Adam Lambert's historic, chart-topping record Trespassing, has been given the bleak Orwellian treatment. Locked down and under constant surveilance in some futuristic prison, Lambert and his fellow inmates are subjected to meals in pill form, backbreaking labor and the eradication of individuality through eye-color removal. But as the song progresses, Lambert leads a dance-dance revolution, beating back the guards with a killer, neon-soaked sequence as the song hits its bombastic final chorus. It'd be a good addition to our "Ten Best Apocalyptic Dance Music Videos" gallery.

© Jon Blistein for Rolling Stone

Never Close Our Eyes : Music Video Captur23

Adam Lambert Goes Sci-Fi for 'Never Close Our Eyes' Video

Quote :
It all starts in a small, dark room -- similar to the one Lambert found himself locked in for his "Better Than I Know Myself" video -- as a computer switches the pop star's status from "Sleeping" to "Awake." Cameras are always watching and armed soldiers are everywhere as Lambert and his fellow black-eyed robots move from place to place, popping pills like candy and being scanned by futuristic machines

Adam Lambert's new video for "Never Close Our Eyes" is one part futuristic sci-fi movie and one part rave, with "1984"-inspired cameras, pale, robotic people, and blue billowing clouds of smoke emanating from Lambert's hands. Watch below as the "American Idol" runner-up frees his fellow citizens from their mindless state, then fights the police and has a colorful, choreographed celebration.

Chatting with Billboard.com earlier this month, Lambert talked about the new video, but he stayed pretty mum on the details. "There's a little sci-fi energy to it. It's very cinematic. It was inspired by a couple different films," he said in the Live Q&A. "It was a fun shoot. We did it in one day and it was great. The director is Dori Oskowitz and he's awesome."

© Sarah Malloy for Billboard

Never Close Our Eyes : Music Video Captur23

Adam Lambert Gets Filthy on Set of ‘Never Close Our Eyes’ Video

Never Close Our Eyes : Music Video Adamla10

Quote :
Adam Lambert may be known as ‘Glambert’ thanks to his fabulous hair and makeup artist-like savvy when it comes to applying eyeliner, but that doesn’t mean that the singer can’t or won’t get down and dirty. In this image, from what we think is the set of his ‘Never Close Our Eyes’ video, Lambert deftly demostrates this ability. He’s all sorts of filthy and dressed down.

Lambert tweeted the image writing, “Rebels on the run. ‘it only gets better if we want it to,” a play on a line from ‘Never Close Our Eyes.’ He’s shed his signature uniform of all black, which usually consists of something constructed of leather, in favor of gray duds.

Lambert is surrounded by a crew of similarly dressed and dirty folks, making us think they are his back up dancers. They are a bit grimier than Glambert — okay, maybe we should call him Lambert since he’s not all glammed out or dolled up in this image.

The singer did tweet that he was filming a new video on May 1, posting: “Music Video shoot today!!! Woohoo.” So we’re piecing the info together about this shot through process of elimination.

We will say that Adam Lambert is one of the few dudes out there who can get filthy and still look faboo.

Lambert’s ‘Trespassing’ lands on May 15 (July 2nd UK)
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Never Close Our Eyes : Music Video
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