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 Charity: Water

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Charity: Water Gap10

Adam announces affiliation with new charity!‏

Adam Lambert Fan Club Announcement

Charity: Water Xx10

Quote :

The charity: water organization was formed four years ago with the goal to help bring clean, safe drinking water to developing nations. To date they've funded 3,811 water projects across the world, providing water for 1,742,331 people in 17 countries. In the four years since inception, charity: water also has raised more than $22 million to run their organization, launch educational campaigns and fund their water projects.

Clean, safe drinking water. It's something that a lot of us take for granted, but almost 1 billion people on the planet (1 in 8 of us) don't have access to it.

Unsafe water and lack of sanitation causes 80% of all diseases and kills more people than all forms of violence - including war. It's also responsible for the claiming the lives of 4,500 children per day.

It's a staggering statistic, especially when you find out $20 can give one person access to safe and clean water for 20 years.

That's why we'd like to encourage you to make a simple donation instead of sending Adam birthday gifts.

Adam has set a personal goal to raise $29,000 by his 29th birthday (January 29th, 2011) and we're hoping to meet and / or exceed his expectations. The $29,000 will provide access to safe drinking water for approximately 1,450 people.

Donating is not a requirement, and we understand if it's something you can't do. In return, we ask you to consider spreading the word about Adam's new cause to your friends and family.

In Adam's words...

Quote :
I am so excited to be a part of charity: water and able to give back to those in need. Join me in helping with donations for such a great cause.

My ‘golden birthday’ is on Jan 29th where I will be turning 29!!!! I would LOVE if you would help me donate to this cause as it would be the best birthday gift I could ask for.

Charity: Water 9r4l7n

CAMPAIGN GOAL : $290,000 RAISED : $323,573


Thank you, Glamberts!

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Charity: Water 9r4l7n

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Charity: Water
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