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Supporting & Promoting Adam Lambert in the U.K.
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 VH1 Unplugged : Released March 2010

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VH1 Unplugged : Released March 2010 Empty
PostSubject: VH1 Unplugged : Released March 2010   VH1 Unplugged : Released March 2010 Empty11.03.10 2:31

Sessions were filmed on 13th February 2010

Adam Lambert talks VH1 Unplugged, 'Broken Open'

Quote :

Adam Lambert is a bonafide rock star, and not just the former finalist of American Idol. Lambert has taped VH1's Unplugged show, and in the following interview/video, the singer discusses his most difficult live arrangement 'Broken Open.'


EXCLUSIVE: Adam Lambert Gets “Unplugged”… and We’re On The Scene!

Quote :

When you hear the name Adam Lambert, plenty of words come to mind. Glamorous. Larger than life. Talent explosion. Cod piece. But perhaps one word that has never been previously associated with Lambert is “Unplugged.” In fact, if there’s one thing the guy is, it’s “Plugged.”

So when our boss broke the news that Adam would be the first of many musicians to headline the resurrection of VH1′s Unplugged series, mere days before the actual taping, and that I would be the only member of the press allowed past the rhinestoned curtain, well… looks like someone unplugged my enthusiasm for life and living and simply being.


Adam Lambert talks VH1 Unplugged

Quote :

Adam Lambert, whose Beatweek Magazine cover story interview is coming next week, will see his “VH1 Unplugged” performance air on television tonight. In his Beatweek interview, Lambert talks about the challenge of adapting songs from his debut studio album “For Your Entertainment” into versions that were suitable for live acoustic performance:

“Certain songs work really well acoustically based on, like, the melody or the style of the song – and then certain songs on the album really just don’t work acoustically. Some songs on the album a very melodically driven and lyrically driven, and then there’s other ones that are more about a groove, they’re more about a style, a sound, and an energy. So the ones that I’m doing acoustically are the ones that I felt were stronger in that regard, melodically, and not necessarily like dance songs.”

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VH1 Unplugged : Released March 2010
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