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Supporting & Promoting Adam Lambert in the U.K.
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 The View : 10 : 12 : 2009

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PostSubject: The View : 10 : 12 : 2009   The View : 10 : 12 : 2009 Empty12.12.09 16:50

'American Idol' Adam Lambert on 'The View':

'My dreidel spins the other way'

Quote :

"American Idol" runner-up Adam Lambert appeared on Thursday's "The View," where he talked about the American Music Awards and his work with Donors Choose, then gave an excellent performance of "Whataya Want From Me."

The headline may be a bit of a non-sequitur, but when Joy Behar joked that Adam Lambert is just a good Jewish boy, Adam Lambert responded, "My dreidel spins the other way." It cracked up us, the audience and the ladies of "The View." Heh heh.


Lambert on The View: Tongue in Cheek, Pelvis in Check

Quote :

"Is it that big a deal?" Adam Lambert asked Barbara Walters on The View this morning, after the umpteenth question about his sexuality, his AMAs performance and whether he would go on a mad crotch-thrusting rampage before the daytime-TV cameras this morning.

Well, of course it's not that big a deal—pop musicians use sex, duh—and of course he knows it is that big a deal, in that it's the reason he's on The View this morning at all, generating more exposure for For Your Entertainment.

The meta-joke of the whole Adam Lambert "scandal" is that Lambert is enough of a professional to know why he's the object of attention (however surprised he acts). And also that anyone who books him knows that he's enough of a professional not to go sex-mad on a morning talk show (as opposed to 11 o'clock at night in a concert), however much they treat him like Ed Sullivan did Elvis.


The Ladies of ABC Ask Adam Lambert Whether He's Hurt By The Ladies Of ABC Censor Him

Quote :

Adam Lambert must be exhausted talking about his American Music Awards performance — especially to Barbara Walters, who begins the interview asking the singer whether he's tired of people being "afraid" to have him on their show. You know, like The View, which pulled the ridiculous stunt in taping the interview ahead of time, or Barbara Walters's own taped special last night, which refused to air his AMA kiss.

"I'm surprised," says Adam of the reaction. "I'm like, 'Really. Is it that big of a deal?'" No, it is not.

But what we're most impressed with Lambert's handling of the situation is that he's being the most adult person in the room. Not ABC. Not the parents who complained to the network. But Adam — who, as he says, is not anyone's babysitter. He's a performer. If you don't like what he does, stop watching. But once again, if you're going to let your kids be exposed to — or, if you're ABC, your network broadcast — sexualized images of pop culture, then quit freaking out about the gay guy. (However, while we understand the career reasons, but do not care for his need to apologize for the performance.)


ABC welcomes Lambert back, with caution

Quote :

In Thursday's episode of "Sanctimoniously Dumping Adam Lambert," "The View's" Whoopi Goldberg said the daytime talk show's chat with, and performance by, Bad Boy Lambert had been pre-taped at the direction of ABC because the network is "still concerned about his musical performance because of what happened at the American Music Awards."

We sat up and took notice, because our ABC source -- the one who wanted to remain anonymous because he had not authorized himself to speak -- had insisted Lambert's "The View" appearance was being taped because Lambert could not be in town Thursday to perform live.


Adam Lambert Goes On "The View," Mickey Mouse Doesn't Get Violated.
Quote :

“Protect your children, people!” – that ironic response to Barbara Walters asking him if it bothers him how little trust the universe seems to have for him set the tone for his visit to the set of The View on Tuesday, or actually Thursday, when it finally aired after ABC censors went over the interview and the performance with a fine-tooth comb. At least he's kept a sense of humor about the whole big mess.

The ladies proved to be a welcoming, supportive group overall, and Adam Lambert proved to be a fun interview, building a case for himself about not judging him from a single performance that maybe ran away from him. He also pops off funny one liners with Joy, which proves he may have a backup career as a comic if the whole singing thing doesn’t work out.

Joy: You’re not exactly a nice Jewish boy, Adam.

Adam: I’m a little different, a little different. My Dreidel spins the other way.


Adam Lambert Humble and Soft-Spoken on 'The View'

Quote :

A Nice Guy Whose 'Dreidel Spins the Other Way'

Adam Lambert's performance of his single Whataya Want From Me was smooth, enjoyable, and far less controversial than his AMA performance. He remained close to the microphone, relying on his vocals rather than his moves.
After ABC's recent treatment of Adam Lambert, one couldn't help noticing the irony of lyrics such as "don't give up on me. I won't let you down." As seen in his (albeit taped) appearance on The View, perhaps ABC won't give up on this talented artist after al


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The View : 10 : 12 : 2009
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