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 Adam Lambert News & Information : 12th July 2013

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PostSubject: Adam Lambert News & Information : 12th July 2013   12.07.13 0:15

Q&A: Adam Lambert Sees a Future When They ‘Get Over It’

Advocate Interview with Adam at the recent AT&T Benefit

Quote :
The Advocate: Do you think it’s important to have more out celebrities, especially now?

Adam Lambert: I do, you know I would like to see more out celebrities, but I do know that it’s difficult in the entertainment industry to be out. It’s not always easy….

People have certain assumptions they make, especially for actors and actresses. I think the big challenge for a lot of them, is they want to be believable when they play this type of character, because unfortunately some people can’t see past orientations. But I think with things like this, with DOMA being overturned, and progress being made, and more visibility being out there, I think we can move to a time where it isn’t that big of an issue. It’s just a bit tricky right now.........continue reading here

Adam Lambert Calls On Parents To Support Their LGBT Children

On Top Magazine wrote:
Singer Adam Lambert says it's “not that hard” for parents to embrace their LGBT children.

Lambert, 31, was asked to comment on his role as an openly gay celebrity after performing at AT&T's Live Proud event to benefit The Trevor Project at the Playhouse in Hollywood.

“That's been my mission this whole time, to encourage people to be who they are,” Lambert told gay glossy The Advocate. “Don't mimic me. I'm not your example. I'm only trying to get people to do what they want.”.......continue reading here


Matthew Morrison Wowed by News of Adam Lambert's
Glee Gig Suggests 'Rock Out' Duets

Broadway Buzz wrote:
The Internet is buzzing that American Idol alum Adam Lambert will join season five of TV's Glee. caught up with Glee’s Emmy-nominated star Matthew Morrison and broke the casting news to him.

“Wow,” he exclaimed. “That’s cool news!”

Morrison has dueted with such notable Glee guest stars as Kristin Chenoweth, Gwyneth Paltrow, Idina Menzel and Neil Patrick Harris, so we wanted to know which song he'd like to rock out to with the American Idol runner-up. read more

The 10 Most Underrated Songs By Gay Superstars

Louisl Virtel wrote:
We’ve been thinking a lot about gay musicians this week (including our man Steve Grand), and it’s time we stood up for some of the forgotten or lesser-known tracks in their vast catalogs. Here are the ten most underrated tracks from ten gay musical superstars

Quote :
7. Adam Lambert, “Never Close Our Eyes”

It’s pretty astounding that Adam Lambert has only had one Top 10 single in the U.S. While I’d say his most underrated non-single is the ferocious “Strut” from his first album, “Never Close Our Eyes” is his most fabulous sleeper single, a danceable earworm with great, sincere the full top 10 on The Backlot

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Adam Lambert News & Information : 12th July 2013
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