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 Chelsea Lately : 10 : 5 : 2012

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PostSubject: Chelsea Lately : 10 : 5 : 2012   13.05.12 23:48

Adam Lambert Talks Writing Songs About His Boyfriend,
“Trespassing” And More On “Chelsea Lately”

Quote :
Adam Lambert dropped by E!’s late night talk show, Chelsea Lately, to talk about his new album “Trespassing.” Like most of her interviews though, host Chelsea Handler decided to veer off course, dig deep and get a little personal.

During the brief interview, Adam was asked about his relationship with hottie boyfriend, Sauli Koskinen and he gladly replied. “We’re super happy. I met him when I was out there [in Finland] doing a concert and…he’s great. We’re very happy,” Adam said. “I’ve always been the single guy so I’m just like ‘Yes! I got a boyfriend!’”

All this happiness has inspired Adam to write a few songs about the relationship. He says some of the songs are “real sexy, crazy” while others are “romantic.”

Adam also talked about working with Pharrell Williams on his new album, his juice cleanse and his upcoming concerts with Queen. ”Trespassing” arrives in stores next week. Watch the short but cute interview below.

Adam Lambert Talks About Pharrell, Being Gay & His Boyfriend On Chelsea Lately

Quote :
Adam Lambert Talks About Pharrell, Being Gay & His Boyfriend On Chelsea Lately

Adam Lambert talked about his new CD "Trespassing" and hair when he was on "Chelsea Lately" with Chelsea Handler where they talked about him being gay. Surprise, surprise.

The interview took place before President Obama announced he supports gay marriage which may have been why it took "Lately" so long to post the clip.

He talks about being open and out there even before he was on "American Idol" and a little stab at Ryan Seacrest.

He also talked about working with Phrarrell and the tracks they created.

Adam Lambert is not just for The Gays

Quote :
Noted homosexual Adam Lambert doesn’t just want his music to appeal to The Gays.

Lambo insists no matter gay, straight or bi, lesbian, transgendered life, he’s got a right track for you on ‘Trespassing’. He told Chelsea Lately: “Yeah, I’m the gay guy that was on American Idol but I’m also the human guy that sings.”

“I write from my experience, I write from a first person perspective,” he explained. “But I’m trying to write music that anyone can relate to.”

If you are a heterosexual man who wasn’t sure about adding ‘Trespassing’ to your record collection, you can do so without fear of ridicule on May 15.

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Chelsea Lately : 10 : 5 : 2012
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