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 Never Close Our Eyes : Reviews

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Adam Lambert – “Never Close Our Eyes”

Quote :
When Adam Lambert’s “Better Than I Know Myself” flopped, I was a little surprised. I pegged it as a hit and was expecting Glambert’s sophomore album era to be huge, so when things started out on a bum note, it was a real anticlimax.

But as Glambert’s history will tell you, “For Your Entertainment” was hardly the big smash that it was predicted to be, and it wasn’t until follow-up single “Whataya Want from Me” that the American Idol diva really blew up.

Glambert and RCA Records are surely hoping for a repeat of the past with the release of Adam’s new single “Never Close Our Eyes”, which hits iTunes on April 17th.

[Click here to listen to "Never Close Our Eyes"]

Produced by Dr. Luke and penned by Bruno Mars (how’s that for a Top Forty hit machine?), “Never Close Our Eyes” sees Glambert diving head first into the dance genre, but it’s dance done Marina & the Diamonds style. Just like Marina’s “Primadonna”, it’s lyrically richer and vocally stronger than most of the club-driven stuff on the radio, despite the fairly generic beats behind it all.

“You know I wish that this night would never be over,” Glambert wails. “There’s plenty of time to sleep when we die / So let’s just stay awake until we grow older / If I had my way we’d never close our eyes, our eyes, never!”

The lyrics are thrillingly romantic, and against the backdrop of Luke’s blistering electro-pop production “Never Close Our Eyes” plays like The Lover’s Guide to Ibiza.

A return to dance-pop was inevitable for Glambert, but thankfully that big beautiful voice of his is still coming through loud and clear. “Never Close Our Eyes” may have the kind of production that you’d expect from a Flo-rida or Taio Cruz song, but Glambert still sings over the beat like a rock star and once again proves that he’s the best male pop vocalist in the game today.

Overall it’s not the absolute best thing that Adam’s ever done, but it’s head and shoulders above a lot of today’s radio-dance, and there aren’t many artists who can be so blatantly Top Forty while retaining their individuality like Adam can.

There’s still hope for Trespassing yet!
Score: 3.75/5

Adam Lambert’s “Never Close Our Eyes”: Review Revue

Quote :
The release of Adam Lambert ‘ ‘s new album Trespassing is still a month away, but the Glam One whetted his fans’ appetites by unleashing second single “Never Close Our Eyes” yesterday. The pulsing dance-pop jam, produced by Dr. Luke and written by Bruno Mars , was met with glowing reviews for the most part, as critics praised the song for being a much better offering than previous single “Better Than I Know Myself” . Head below to see our roundup of how the Internet at large weighed in on Adam’s latest, then let us know your own thoughts on “Never Close Our Eyes”! :: Fuse praises the song for being “a satisfying negotiation between an electro-pop banger and romantic anthem. It’s the kind of song that’s tailored both for the dance floor and at home/in the car sing-alongs.” :: MTV Buzzworthy gushes, “Set to a pop-rooted dance beat, Adam’s rock-tinged pipes carry the entire song as he sings about staying awake 24/7 to enjoy the hell out of his life.” :: chimes in with this: “The electro-bassed tune gets down and around with guitar strings and a fast pace beat… The dance-pop ballad starts off heavenly with soft piano in the background before the synthesizer kicks in.” :: Neon Limelight also likes what it hears: “Grammy winning singer/songwriter Bruno Mars penned the song’s honest lyrics, and Adam makes them all soar with his impeccable vocals.” :: Says Chart Rigger , “For his second Trespassing single, Adam Lambert was given a Bruno Mars-penned song from 2010. Thankfully, ‘Never Close Our Eyes’ is more ‘total jam’ than tired leftover.” :: The Prophet Blog gives the Glam One props for staying true to himself: “Overall it’s not the absolute best thing that Adam’s ever done, but it’s head and shoulders above a lot of today’s radio-dance, and there aren’t many artists who can be so blatantly Top Forty while retaining their individuality like Adam can.” :: PopCrush credits the other two pop forces behind the song: “The track features a hint of Luke’s up-tempo dance sound while retaining Mars’ melodic pop sensibility.” :: Clickmusic prefers this single over Adam’s previous one: “‘Never Close Our Eyes’ is an electronic dance-ballad with bite, despite the standard Dr Luke tempo treatment, and it’s a far superior song to Lambert’s first cut.”

Evokeonline : Adam Lambert
Never Close Our Eyes Review

Quote :
Adam Lambert is readying the release of his highly-anticipated sophomore album, Trespassing, on May 15 and fans have been able to get a taste of what the album will include following some live performances on the NewNowNext Awards and the release of snippets for every song on the effort. “Cuckoo” and “Outlaws Of Love” are shaping up to be my personal favorites from the record, but the entire collection sounds golden and it has not even been released yet.

Following in the footsteps of lead single “Better Than I Know Myself”, a great ballad that unfortunately stalled at #76 on the Billboard Hot 100, Lambert has chosen to move forward with the Bruno Mars-penned “Never Close Our Eyes” as the album’s next offering. Produced by Dr. Luke, whose name seems to be on every hit song this year, the second single is a nice dance effort with meaning. The song surpasses anything on the radio right now thanks to Lambert’s vocal ability. I think we have come to terms with the fact that he can sing just about anything..... continue reading

Adam Lambert: 'Never Close Our Eyes' - Single review

Quote :
A glance over the credits for Adam Lambert's forthcoming album Trespassing reads like a who's who of world-class pop. But while he's had a hand in several of the tracks, you couldn't be blamed for wondering whether he'll be overshadowed by teaming up with the likes of Pharrell Williams, Nile Rodgers and, on his latest cut, production powerhouses Bruno Mars and Dr Luke.

Fortunately, it's a combination that works in perfect harmony. Mars's lyrics provide the fist-clenching emotion ("There's plenty of time to sleep when we die/ So let's just stay awake until we grow older"), Luke's throbbing beats and squelchy synths ensure it's tailored to the dancefloor, and Lambert supplies plenty of drama with a growly vocal. The result, as you might expect, is near pop perfection.

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Never Close Our Eyes : Reviews
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