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 Better Than I Know Myself Remixes

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PostSubject: Better Than I Know Myself Remixes   13.03.12 0:15

Adam Lambert Remixes "Better Than I Know Myself"

Adam Lambert’s “Better Than I Know Myself” Remix : Idolator Premiere

Quote :
As much as we love Adam Lambert’s power ballad “Better Than I Know Myself” just as it is, Glambert’s song works even better as a sped-up club banger. The pop star glammed up his lead Trespassing single a few times over, and is releasing an EP’s worth of remixes of the tune on his website today!...... Listen

Just Jared : Adam Lambert's 'Better Than I Know Myself' Remix - EXCLUSIVE

Quote :
Check out‘s exclusive debut of the Alex Ghenea remix of Adam Lambert‘s song “Better Than I Know Myself”!

The track will be featured on the 30-year-old entertainer’s upcoming album Trespassing and will be remixed on an EP available later today! ....... Listen

Arjen Writes : Listen to Adam Lambert "Better Than I Know Myself" Robert Marvin & Shearer Remix [Exclusive Premiere]
Quote :
Adam Lambert's excellent new single "Better Than I Know Myself" receives a blistering dubstep makeover from Robert Marvin and Kyle Shearer on their brand-new remix of the song. The remixers were clearly inspired by the meaning of the track and capture the tune's underlying, darker sentiments perfectly on their remix. "Better Than I Know Myself" is a song about a relationship on the brink and this remix perfectly taps into the wild frenzy of emotions that usually goes along with that situation.

With flaming dubstep effects, a hard-grinding groove and a numbing electro punch, Marvin and Shearer underscore the song's darker undertones to unleash a sonic spectacle that shines a whole new light on "Better Than I Know Myself." I wouldn't be surprised if Marvin and Shearer also had a good look at the "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" video treatment for "Better Than I Know Myself," because it is almost as if this remix was made for Lambert's temperamental alter-ego.

The remix is included on a new Adam Lambert remix EP that will be made available for download on this afternoon......... Listen

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Better Than I Know Myself Remixes
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