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 Better Than I Know Myself

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PostSubject: Better Than I Know Myself   09.12.11 4:13

Adam Lambert’s New Single, “Better Than I Know Myself,” Is Ready For The Dance Floor

Quote :

The club driven beats of Adam Lambert‘s new single, “Better Than I Know Myself”, have the Robyn effect, disguising wrought emotion by daring the listeners to dance. With Lambert’s ballad-ready lyricism, the track inspires nostalgia and is a little bit heartbreaking, and if it weren’t for the heavy beats and the buzzing snare beneath the melody, we might be moved to tears. Instead, we’re caught somewhere between toe tapping and grief. We heard at the start of the month that the Lambert’s new album would be full of dance inducing tracks, and it seems that the pop-star is coming through on his promise, and sticking with the prevailing Euro-techno trends that have been dominating the pop music landscape.

What say you, Glamberts? We know that the song leaked over the weekend, but it just officially hit the iTunes store today. Let us know your thoughts!

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ADAM LAMBERT: RCA's Pitch To Radio, Impacting US 1/30/2012

Quote :

THE ADAM LAMBERT pitch machine is on full blast!

His label, RCA, is working radio with BETTER THAN I KNOW MYSELF, and they're hyping even more about the new CD, too! Take a look at the list of super talent and producers Lambert's been working with, above!

The label is impacting his song 1/30.

The feeling the label has is that since BTIKM is a mid-tempo song, it will cut through the clutter of overproduced club banging uptempo wall-of-sound music which currently dominates the pop landscape. Additionally, the label is working the song to POP and ADULT POP formats, meaning they're going for airplay on stations which target people - specifically females - ages 12 to 54.

The message: Adam Lambert is mainstream. And if this project does what it looks like it could do, it could have the same impact on pop that Lady Gaga has had.

Tall order, but entirely possible. Especially if the music is amazing.

Adam Lambert: Better Than I Know Myself (Single Review)

14th December 2011

Quote :
Get ready, y’all, because the evolution of Adam Lambert has just begun.

See, I’ve had a chance to listen to the new Adam Lambert single, “Better Than I Know Myself,” — in full. Great news — it’s really, really good.

First off, I should say that the snippet, which was released today, doesn’t really do the song justice. You can hear that the chorus sees Adam reaching into the higher part of his register, with booming, “Halo”-like drums and a skittering backbeat. But part of what makes the song magical is the way it builds from the opening of whining synths and a nicely percussive backing track, then builds instrumentally into the chorus. Dr. Luke‘s signature style as a producer is the juxtaposition of relatively subdued verses and a huge, explosive chorus, and “Better Than I Know Myself” does that magnificently.

Better Than I Know Myself Teaser

When You Hear Adam You'll Forget I Ever Did It!

8th December 2011

Adam Lambert Announces “Better Than I Know Myself” As Lead ‘Trespassing’ Single

19th November 2011

Quote :

Adam Lambert, also known as the Nicest Guy On Twitter, has been pretty kind about keeping us posted on what’s happening with his new single. Originally intended to drop this month, the tune in question has been delayed — but today, Adam tweeted the track’s title: “Better Than I Know Myself.” It’s the lead single from his upcoming sophomore album Trespassing. And if you can’t wait long for a dose of Katy Perry’s Native American friend, be sure to tune into the AMA’s tomorrow night, where he’ll be presenting. See his tweet and production details below.

“Better Than I Know Myself will be my first single from Trespassing. I’m so excited!” Adam tweeted earlier today.

And with plenty of reason. It’s been crafted by a couple of hitmakers who’ve worked with Lambert before, including Dr. Luke and Claude Kelly (Jessie J’s “Price Tag”, Bruno Mars’ “Grenade”), who co-writer the lead single and title track from his debut, For Your Entertainment. A new collaboration from the same crew should be — to borrow a different track from FYE — a “sure-fire winner”, we’d imagine.

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Better Than I Know Myself
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