Supporting & Promoting Adam Lambert in the U.K.
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 Time Out : London

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PostSubject: Time Out : London   28.09.10 19:46

Adam Lambert - Anatomy of an 'Amerian Idol'

Eddy Lawrence

Quote :

Adam Lambert is riding high after 'American Idol', but what does it take to grasp the public's vitals?

'Every loser wins,' sang Nick Berry, and let's face it, he'd know, the big fat millionaire loser. This week, 'American Idol's most successful runner-up - Adam Lambert, the contestant for whom the buzzwords 'Glamerican Idol', 'Glambert' and 'beaded glampshade' were coined - hits London to rock G-A-Y. Lambert himself has described his sound as 'a '70s time capsule blasted off into space and you're watching it through a holographic filter'. As cool as that sounds, it also makes no sense at all, so we thought we'd break Lambert down into his component parts to give you
a better idea of what makes him tick.

Image - Jobriath
Lambert followed a similar path from musical theatre to glam rock as '70s would-be icon Jobriath Boone, the first openly gay major-label pop star. Well, 'star' might be pushing it, since Jobriath's hugely hyped 1973 album sold appallingly, despite an unprecedented global marketing campaign which included giant billlboards in Times Square and some really cringeworthy sloganeering.

Album cover - 'Xanadu'
There are Mark Anthony movies which are less gay than this 1980 rollerdisco fantasy, so it's not especially surprising the unveiling of Lambert's Vaseline-lensed, tracer-assisted cover art was greeted with a mixed reception, ranging from awestruck jaw-drops from people with taste to cries of 'Xana-don't!' from everyone else.

Voice - Ronnie James Dio
The '70s pseudo-legend - and the man who popularised the 'devil horns' symbol, hand-signal-history fans - is an unexpected inspiration for a talent-show winner, but there's no denying the similarities between Dio and Lambert's anguished howls. Fortunately, Lambert made the sensible decision to copy only the former Black Sabbath screecher's operatic vocal chops rather than his bizarre Klingon haircut.

Continued on Time Out

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Time Out : London
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