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PostSubject: Masterclass Lady   25.12.09 1:42

I found this elsewhere and thought it was too good to miss. She had been critqueing the AI performances by's an example
Quote :

Top 13 American Idol Season 8 Vocal Masterclass Article: The Music Of Michael Jackson

By: Rosanne Simunovic

Well, this was quite a night! American Idol listeners were treated to fantastic performances highlighting the musical repertoire of Michael Jackson and, for the most part, all of the Top 13 finalists delivered admirably well.

Welcome, everyone, to another Vocal Masterclass season of American Idol!

I have to say that this year’s crop of singers are quite the diverse group! And to be given the opportunity to select songs from Michael Jackson’s songbook must have been such a fulfilling musical experience for these young artists.

This was an absolutely brilliant way to “kick off” the eighth season and, additionally, it showcased the current elements that permeate MJ’s music. His music has easily withstood the passage of time -after all, genius is genius at any point in time...

ADAM LAMBERT 27-years-old: “Black And White”

Strengths: Adam-you are a consummate performer and your enviable background in musical theatre equipped you with a solid foundation for this week’s Michael Jackson theme.

Throughout this number, you provided the viewers with an extraordinary visual and aural experience. This was a strong performance in every respect – expressive vocals, fantastic stage skills and authentic communicative ability.

Your strong theatrical background obviously prepared you for this phenomenal moment in time. You waited for the right time and place to audition for this show and the wait was well worth it – for you and for us.

The key to success is realized when preparation and opportunity collide and you are a stellar example of this statement. You have obviously worked extremely hard to hone your craft and to develop into the confident performer we have recently had the privilege to meet.

I feel you will be an unstoppable force in this show, as you are like a chameleon and wear a coat of many colors in your singing style. A true Cabaret Idol! How I have been waiting for this day!

Bravo and congratulations on bringing such a high level of disciplined artistry to the American idol stage!

Critique: Adam-over the coming weeks, be very careful that you “rein in” the screaming aspect of your vocal delivery. You have strong diaphragmatic breathing skills, so I feel that you understand the fundamental aspects of solid technical singing.

However, you do not want to over-extend the natural capability of your vocal gift, so always make certain that the more potent sections in your songs are delivered through the support of your diaphragmatic breathing muscles.

And, make absolutely certain that you practice both the vocal and choreographic elements slowly and meticulously, in order to ascertain that one performing element is not over-powering the other. We never want your voice to take a back seat to your stage performance nor do we want you to perform like a robot. Ha!

However, you are a stellar performer and I do look forward to what you have to offer in the weeks ahead.

Congratulations Adam!
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Masterclass Lady
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