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 Trespassing Reviews

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Trespassing Reviews Captur23

A Few Words about Adam Lambert "Trespassing" and the Power of Pop

Trespassing Reviews 6a00d810

Quote :
Much has been written about Adam Lambert and much has been said about his chart-topping new LP "Trespassing." But when all is said and done, the only words that truly matter are the stories Lambert so candidly shares on the album. Each and every song on "Trespassing" perfectly conveys his state of mind and distinct point of view that is woven throughout the effort.

"Trespassing" shows off two different sides of the singer. One part of the record features Lambert's exuberant and glamorous stage persona with tracks that are peppy, fun and clearly (and successfully) produced for mass consumption. The other part of the album emerges when Lambert steps off the stage, lifts up the brightly-lit, yellow trespassing signs to expose a much more vulnerable side of himself.

Tracks like "Cuckoo" and "Naked Love" capture the fun and flirty Lambert, while tracks such as "Underneath," Outlaws Of Love" and "Chokehold" show what really moves him as artist, performer, and most importantly, a human being. In fact, "Underneath" in particular addresses that very sentiment and intent when he sings, "Welcome to my world of truth. I don't wanna hide any part of me from you. I'm standing here with no apologies."

When the party is over and the roar of the crowd fades, Lambert has the ability to take a step back, reflect on matters and tap into a raw vulnerability that is rarely exposed in pop music today. His honest and intensely personal storytelling adds a powerful dimension to his music that connects with people in a much deeper and lasting way.

One of the album's biggest contributions is that it's not just an accomplished collection of songs, but that it showcases the power and versatility of pop music. Yes, pop music can be fun, and yes, it can be highly stylized, but behind its glossy facade, pop music can also capture powerful emotions that people far and wide can relate to with great ease and apply to their own world of experience. And even if you don't speak English, Lambert's vocal tone and inflection will tell you all you need to know.

Lambert perfectly understands the power of pop and uses the ever-evolving genre to his full advantage. While pushing the envelop creatively, artistically and personally, the singer gives people music to make their own and cherish forever, which makes him a pop star of the brightest kind.

Trespassing Reviews Captur23

ABC News : Review: Adam Lambert Goes Dance Pop on New Album

Quote :
On his debut album three years ago, Adam Lambert was fresh off a runner-up "American Idol" finish, and eager to show off his amazing vocal range. The result was an all-things-to-everyone album ranging from classic rock crunch to hip-hop heat, with an over-the-top ballad or two thrown in.

On "Trespassing," his second studio album, Lambert narrows the focus to profitable dance pop (though the hyper-emotional ballads still force their way in). The result is a more consistent but less-gratifying sophomore offering.

It kicks off with a roar on the title track, co-written with Pharrell Williams of The Neptunes. "Trespassing" employs a drill team stomp-and-clap intro backing up chanting lyrics, propelled by a booming bass line and drum beat very reminiscent of Queen's "Another One Bites The Dust." That's entirely appropriate as Lambert may or may not still wind up succeeding Freddy Mercury in the 1970s and '80s supergroup............ continue reading

Trespassing Reviews Captur23

Music Is My King Size Bed Album Review : Adam Lambert Trespassing

Quote :
Adam Lambert will release his hotly anticipated sophomore album, Trespassing, this Tuesday, May 15th via RCA Records/19 Recordings. To get the fans pumped up and ready to buy on Tuesday, the album can be streamed in it's entirety on Lambert's official website. In addition to a standard and deluxe version of the album, Lambert is selling an exclusive Trespassing - Box Set for $49.99, which includes six 12" X 12" lithographs, Trespassing on vinyl, and the fan edition (CD/DVD). Eat it up Glamberts!

While there's something to be said for a good Adam Lambert power ballad, the majority of Trespassing's twelve tracks are up-tempo electropop bangers, any one of which would make a fantastic single. Early standouts for me include the electrorock-infused Pharrell-produced title track, the Bonnie McKee co-penned rebellious rock'n'roll dance hybrid "Cuckoo," the Nile Rodgers & Sam Sparro-assisted Lester Mendez-produced "Shady," and the insanely infectious "Pop That Lock," which was co-written by gritty rock/pop princess Lesley Roy ("Unbeautiful" Mike Rizzo Funk Generation Mix). I have to say that I'm pretty impressed with Pharrell's contributions, particularly the album's title track. The other Pharrell joint, "Kickin' In" is a nice addition as well, kind of reminiscent of something off JC Chasez's 2004 debut, Schizophrenic (a criminally underrated album, if you ask me).

Trespassing is the ultimate party album, because after rockin' out hardcore to the first seven tracks, you're going to need to take a breather. "Better Than I Know Myself" kicks off the album's tail-end of more chilled, laid back down-tempo tracks. While I still do disagree with the label's choice to release it as single #1, the Dr. Luke/Cirkut/Ammo-produced electro ballad stacks up just fine with the rest of the album. "Better Than I Know Myself" should have been single #2 or 3 - that's all I'm saying........ continue reading

Trespassing Reviews Captur23

Under The Gun : Review Adam Lambert – Trespassing

Quote :
Artist: Adam Lambert
Album: Trespassing
Genre: Pop
Label: RCA

Adam Lambert is one of the few artists who make reality talent shows seem worthwhile. In a sea of identikit, fleeting wannabes, he stood out even during his American Idol days as a talented and provocative artist and extravagant showman. This diligence and glamour has seeped into his music, which often represents the very best medley of his influences and which, more than anything, captures an infectious and jovial sense of fun. It is pop music and unashamedly so, but it’s sophisticated pop music – lavish, thoughtful, sublimely executed, with exquisite attention to detail.

Lambert’s phenomenal vocals in the past are, as always, the driving force behind this album. Trespassing is his second full-length release following 2009’s For Your Entertainment and sources inspiration from 90s music, disco, electronica, and even a little bit of dubstep (enough to provoke but not to destroy). It’s a consuming mixture of songs, all bright sparks and theatrical flourishes designed with maximum visual and aural stimulation in mind ....... continue reading

Trespassing Reviews Captur23

Adam Lambert - 'Trespassing' Album Review

Trespassing Reviews Adam_l11

Trespassing Reviews Captur23

Adam Lambert Trespassing

Quote :
Adam Lambert returns this year (next week to be semi-specific) with his sophomore record Trespassing, and trespass he does wasps in the most joyfully cocky of ways over the 15 tracks that make up what might just be the best album you'll hear all year! A bold statement for sure, but Adam is the only boy I can think of right now in pop who is given equal access to the sickest of producers and songwriters working today as dominating ladies in pop like Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Ke$ha and Kelly Clarkson, but apart from the latter none of these poptarts however hard they try quite manage to rise above their expensive productions like this boy does. I can appreciate a well produced track, and I can forgive an auto-tuned voice to within an inch of an artists life (it happens all to often these days after all) but give me an exceptionally produced beat and ferocious lyrics that however insane place second to a voice like Adam Lambert's and I go all kinds of CUCKOO! You could strip each track away on Trespassing, leaving nothing but bone and cartilage, and Adam Lambert's pipes will still sell that sh*t like it's a prime cut of beef!

With this record Adam Lambert is trespassing on your favourite tarts territory, and they should be very worried - this boy might just start a trend!........ continue reading on Portiswaspsays

Trespassing Reviews Captur23

Adam Lambert’s ‘Trespassing’: It’s That Deep

Quote :
I admit that I've developed a bit of reputation as a Glambert, which means probably anything Adam Lambert-related with my byline slapped across it is taken with a grain of salt as chunky as one of Adam's old rhinestone bindis. "Of course she digs Adam Lambert's new album," some skeptics must think. "Lyndsey Parker saying she loves Trespassing is like Oscar The Grouch saying he is a fan of trash, or like Winnie The Pooh giving a jar of honey a five-star review." But seriously, people--listen to me when I say that Trespassing is one of the best pop albums you will hear in 2012.....continue reading on Reality Rocks

Trespassing review from Sweden's Aftonbladet

Quote :
He has both soul and personality

+++ (3 out of 5)

It would've been so easy to dismiss Adam Lambert as yet another prior "American Idol" participant who's desperately trying to stay relevant with the help of earwormy hits and ambitious styling. But the fact is that you can't ignore that this guy actually have something special. We can call it talent. The songs, which could have passed by as tiresome bubblegum pop, instead have both soul and personality thanks to Lambert's rocky but still tender voice. In addition he has the ability to build up emotion in his melodies, without getting stuck in long boring sections. I don't want to go as far as to call him a male Kelly Clarkson, but he's without a doubt awesome at managing his talent - even when the "Idol"-sign stops shining.

Original : Translator

Trespassing Reviews Captur23

Softpedia : Adam Lambert “Trespassing” – Album Review

Quote :
Back in 2009, Adam Lambert followed up on his American Idol success with his first studio material, the chart-topping “For Your Entertainment.” His sophomore album, “Trespassing,” will be out this Tuesday, May 15, 2012 – and it's just as fresh, exciting and groundbreaking as its predecessor.

Fans (Glamberts) must already know that Adam took his time with this second release, pushing it back twice, until he was fully satisfied with it. He produced many of the tracks on it, while assembling a dream team for the rest.

This is Adam, and this is why fans love him so much: not only is he painfully talented, but he's also a consummate professional, always thinking of the fans and striving to deliver the best he can offer at one particular moment.

“Trespassing” is no exception. Though embracing more the trends in today's dance music, which it combines with pregnant electronica, '80s disco dance and rock influences, the album marks a step up for Adam as an artist......continue reading

Trespassing Reviews Captur23

The Hub Now : Adam Lambert Trespassing onto Positive Reviews

Quote :
With Adam Lambert’s Trespassing set to be released May 15, the reviews are starting to arrive.

Feel good Glambert fans, it looks like Trespassing will be breaking onto the charts with a bang.

Lambert serves as executive producer on his sophomore album, and unlike his debut, the songs take on more serious matters............ continue reading

Trespassing Reviews Captur23

Popledge : ADAM LAMBERT – TRESPASSING (Track by Track)

Quote :
Trespassing – Adam kicks off the album with a whole load of attitude and aggression. Adam said earlier this year that he wanted this track to say ‘“fuck you, I’m fierce!” he definitely achieves this with the opening song. It’s very Queen-esq in it’s musical structure, especially the bass line, but the crazy vocal tricks and licks are 100% Adam Lambert. In terms of vocal range Lambert takes some beating, Muse’s Matt Bellamy is the only person who I think comes anywhere near to his falsetto range. Excellent anthemic opener – the electronic guitar at the end of the track is the perfect finish.

Cuckoo – The first time I heard this track I felt it should have been a single, this could be Lambert’s personal track that speaks to his fans in the way that I think Lady Gaga is excellent at achieving, ‘I wanna lose my mind like a maniac…and we’ve gone Cuckoo, gonna party till they take us away’ I want to be there with Adam living this party! Vocally and production-wise it’s half a crazy 80′s vibe mixed with some pure pop moments.........continue reading

Trespassing Reviews Captur23

Adam Lambert Trespassing
Quote :
editor rating 4 STARS

release date May 15, 2012

duration 42:34

genre Pop/Rock

Three years removed from American Idol, Adam Lambert is finally allowed to shake off the pageantry of the televised talent competition and dive into glitter on his second major-label album, Trespassing. There's a distinct lack of ballads on Trespassing -- they're clustered toward the end of the record, sometimes given a spangled once-over by producer Dr. Luke so they don't feel staid, sometimes hinting at the chilly, austere vistas of Ryan Tedder but sounding grander, warmer in the hands of Lambert. Here, the distance from the stuffiness of Idol is apparent but the heart of Trespassing lies in the first two-thirds of the album, when Lambert is strutting like a glam-disco diva, sparring with Dr. Luke and Pharrell Williams, belting out his hooks with an easy confidence. And he's got some great hooks here, too: big, bright, insistent hooks powering songs that revel in their sleaziness. Lambert matches their appeal, singing with an untrammeled joy suggesting that he's relishing an opportunity to make modern dance music. Williams is his greatest foil -- "Trespassing" and the Michael Jackson-via-Justin Timberlake "Kickin' In" grab immediately -- but that's not to slight the rest of the record, particularly the pulsating Nile Rodgers-fueled funk "Shady" and mirror-plated pop of "Cuckoo." Even if these songs never grace the charts, they sound like inevitable hits and prove that Lambert is a genuine pop star who has now left American Idol far behind.

Trespassing Reviews Captur23

PLAYBACK stl : Adam Lambert Trespassing (Sony)

Quote :
This goes far, far beyond guilty pleasure.

The press release arrived in my inbox, same as hundreds of others. It contained a link to a stream of the new Adam Lambert CD, Trespassing. I am not a reality TV fan; I had never so much as heard Adam Lambert before. (To say I’m a bit of a music snob—or was, anyway—wouldn’t be far off the mark.)

On a lark, I decided to click it; I just wanted to see what he sounded like.

I didn’t expect to fall in love.

From the get-go—the über-catchy title track—I was hooked. The song begins with group vocals and hand claps, buttressed by a steady, addictive beat. And Lambert’s vocals? If you (like much of America) have already been exposed, you know how sublime his voice is: straight out, falsetto, full throttle, controlled scream—really, he can do it all.

Following “Trespassing” is “Cuckoo,” another high-energy, dance-floor tune that turns the levels up another notch. With perfect dance-pop sensibility, it’s all you need to be caught Trespassing—hook, line, and sinker.

“No, I ain’t broken/ but I need a fix,” Lambert admits on “Shady,” a funk-filled tune featuring Nile Rodgers and Sam Sparro. Mmm…tasty. The soaring “Never Close Our Eyes” (which, I’m told, is the first single) finds Lambert’s R&B-tinged vocals rising over a bass-heavy keyboard line: “Why can’t we just live life with no consequence/ and always live life in the now?” Sort of deep for a simple pop song, if you think about it.

And then there’s “Kickin’ In.” I can’t say enough about this song; it completely kicks my ass. Heavy ’80s vocal influences (stuttered, repeating, modified) mixed with a rapid-fire refrain delivery and nonstop, dance-inducing beat make this one of the best party songs you’ll hear all year. Lambert’s high-pitched, full-throated “No, no, no” is the cherry on the sundae........
continue reading

New Reviews For Trespassing

Quote :
You can practically smell the leather and see the glitter listening to Adam Lambert’s sophomore effort—and a slump it is not.

Picking up where he left off on his (ridiculously underrated) 2009 debut For Your Entertainment, Lambert releases another genre-spanning, dance-ready album with Trespassing. An expert vocalist, the glam god seamlessly goes from MJ funk to Guetta-esque electro-pop to Queen-comparable ballads—and everything in between—over the course of 12 tracks of pop perfection........... continue reading the A graded review on That's All by Jeff Nelson

Quote :
Adam Lambert's Trespassing was the first album by an openly gay artist to debut at number one on the Billboard charts. That fact, both triumphant and sadly indicative of the slowly waning prejudices of the past, colors all of the songs in this spectacular pop album. The duality of the Lambert's open sexuality and his deserved success help charge these songs to transcend pop into a statement, both of Lambert's belief in the power of freedom of choice and the strength of unity forged on the dancefloor............. ANOTHER A rating. Continue reading on Convertz of Taste

Trespassing Reviews Captur23

Ultimate Guitar : Trespassing Review

Quote :
Sound: Adam's first album, "For You Entertainment" was purely pop rock, mainstream for radio airplay, quickly released after "AI". This is album sounds like a flashback to the 80's, with the first five tracks a combination of many pop and rock groups of yesteryear, but with the updated sound and lyrics to bring the style back into popularity. The second half of the album is made up mostly of ballads, but the haunting music and desperate lyrics along with Adam's multi-octave voice keep you long after the last note fades.

The Deluxe Edition contains three bonus tracks, "Runnin'", "Take Back", and "Nirvana", which all deserve a listen. // 10

Lyrics and Singing: The lyrics for this album are very creative, and get the point of each song across easily, without wasting words, and leaving many up to interpretation. Many of the songs describe overcoming challenges, and not being afraid to show yourself, or let someone else in. This album is a fantastic way for a listener to really understand and relate to the artist, unlike most of today's albums.

One of my favorite songs off of the album, Outlaws of Love, most certainly talks about Adam Lambert's sexuality, and acceptance of yourself and true love, no matter what anyone else thinks. In the song, he sings "tears all fall the same, we all feel the rain, we can't change," then goes on to: "we're always on the run; they say we'll rot in hell, well, I don't think we will. They've branded us enough, outlaws of love". It's a powerful ballad that I think everyone should listen to at least once. Enough said about the lyrics.

The album also shows off Adam's powerful, multi-octave voice, and although he's said publically that the songs aren't "about how many times I can hit one high note over and over" he manages high notes that would send many artists over the edge. Trespassing shows off another side of his voice that was unable to be captured and fully realized in the first album, both high and low, in perfect pitch. Listen to "Runnin'" and you'll understand what I mean. // 10

Impression: It would be hard to compare it to most albums available in recent years, but I will say that it's a rare talent to find. I would definitely buy it again. It's catchy and addictive, but can tear at your heart at the same time. I was surprised at how far it strayed from "For Your Entertainment", but I think even those who disliked the first album may find some enjoyable tracks from "Trespassing".

Trespassing Reviews Captur23

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