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Supporting & Promoting Adam Lambert in the U.K.
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  X Factor : Finland : 2/5/2010

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PostSubject: X Factor : Finland : 2/5/2010    X Factor : Finland : 2/5/2010 Empty03.05.10 14:45

Gay Icon Adam Lambert: It is important to be yourself!


Quote :
Finland visited Adam Lambert had been fans has given her attention. American Idolista huippumaineeseen risen to star on X Factor finalists own vinkkinsä how to succeed in race.

Adam Lambert and enjoy the crazy chaos created by the visit to a visit in Finland. Nimmarikeikallaan the department store he got mixed up throughout the city, the presence of Factor X in turn, received Linnanmäki Peacock rocks the foundations.

- I have had fun! I did not know that I'm such a big star in Finland. I was told that my songs have been popular here, and that American Idol is shown on TV you have, but I did not realize it was such a thing. This is really exciting, mega star shrieked Sunday evening.
Adam Lambert ja X Factor -finalistit. Kuva: MTV3.

Adam was able to empathize with X-Factor finalists wait-better mood as well, since exactly a year ago, he himself was in the same situation, competing for American Idol victory. Tummatukalla had good tips in the back pocket, how the public may be captured on their side.

- You should have fun on stage and enjoy. Public notice, if you're stressed. It is good to offer surprises, and risk-taking can bear fruit, man vinkkasi.
Adam: Openness has been the advantages and disadvantages
Adam Lambert lavalla. Kuva: MTV3.

Adam is the American Idol competition's first competitor, who has said openly of his homosexuality. Once suspected, that the grant might be sabotaging his victory chances in competition.

Adam says, that openness has had both advantages and disadvantages of his career.

- Is important to me to be myself. I do not want to make something that I do not hide or something. I do not have the energy to a when I work so hard. It is best to be genuine and honest, gold throat smiled.

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