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 Adam Lambert News & Information : 24th November 2013

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PostSubject: Adam Lambert News & Information : 24th November 2013   24.11.13 4:59

Adam Lambert confirms future appearances on hit TV show

Quote :
Adam Lambert has finally joined the cast of ‘Glee’ and fans of both the singer and the show got to see him perform a special rendition of Lady Gaga’s ‘Marry The Night’ as his character Elliott ‘Starchild’ Gilbert made his debut.

However as with all special guest appearances nothing is set in stone or made clear as to how long a guest star will appear on the show, after all for many it’s just a one off thing and then they return to their daily business.

Adam Lambert however has confirmed in a TV interview with UK breakfast show ‘Daybreak’ that he will appear on ‘Glee’ for more than one episode as Elliott Gilbert.[ more on Reality TV

‘Glee’ season 5 spoilers
Adam Lambert, Chris Colfer, and a different kind of ‘dancing’

Matt Carter wrote:
How often is it that you get some great dance numbers from “Glee” anymore? It happens, but we’ve felt a little bit less this season without Heather Morris around as a series regular. (Given that she is a former “So You Think You Can Dance” contestant, it is hard to argue against the logic there.)

Adam Lambert has managed to already restore some of the fun in the show’s choreography as of late, which you saw during a certain encounter with a chandelier during the “A Katy or a Gaga” episode. He’s the sort of entertainer that you want to see performing, and hearing the news about a scene featuring him and Chris Colfer that requires some choreography hardly comes as a more

Glee’ season 5 song spoilers
Hear Adam Lambert, Chris Colfer sing Madonna’s ‘Into the Groove’

Quote :
For those of you wondering whether or not “Glee’s” new band Pamela Lansbury was going to stay true to their original “Madonna tribute band” roots, we’ve got an answer for you: That is precisely what they are going to be doing Thursday night!

In the video below, you can hear Demi Lovato, Adam Lambert, and Chris Colfer have a few moments during the song “Into the Groove” by the pop icon. It’s still interesting to us that the show went for such a straightforward arrangement of the song here, mostly because you have two singers on your show in Adam and Demi who have such killer ranges and can do way more than this arrangement allows them more here

The Fox (Glee Cast Version) [feat. Demi Lovato & Adam Lambert]

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Adam Lambert News & Information : 24th November 2013
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