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 Adam Lambert News & Information : 9th November 2013

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PostSubject: Adam Lambert News & Information : 9th November 2013   09.11.13 0:25

I Go With My Gut

Quote :
Adam Lambert thinks being a “polarising artist” creates a strong fan base.

The Trespassing hitmaker catapulted to fame after he came in as a runner-up on American Idol in 2009.

Four years later, he’s still enjoying a successful music career, but admits critics can be ruthless.

Still, Adam insists he embraces the fact his music and persona puts some people off.

“I think it makes you stronger and people identify with that. I think people identify with artists that are polarising. It brings out stronger fans when you’re a polarising artist,” he told Entertainment more on Belfast Telegraph

Marry The Night Acapella

Adam on Idol Promo

Spot Adam at 1.18l

‘I was just trying to breathe’
Adam Lambert on his most memorable set with Queen

Quote :
Much has been made of Adam Lambert’s triumphal stateside debut in September with Queen. But that wasn’t close to the biggest, most pressure-filled date during his collaborative stint with Brian May and Roger Taylor.

That came in June 2012, when Queen — having only just begun to tour with the American Idol finalist — performed before a quarter million in Ukraine.

“It was for this benefit thing,” Lambert tells Ryan Seacreast. “We split the bill with Elton John. It was, like, no pressure! 250,000 people, and we’d had only about 10 days of rehearsals. I didn’t even know what emotions I was feeling. I was just trying to breathe. I was so nervous.” more on Something Else

Adam in Romanias Bravo Magazine


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Adam Lambert News & Information : 9th November 2013
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