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 Adam Lambert News & Information : 7th October 2013

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PostSubject: Adam Lambert News & Information : 7th October 2013   07.10.13 3:18

Glee season 5 spoilers:
Adam Lambert’s first episode will air…

Matt Carter wrote:
While this may or may not be “old news” depending on who you talk to, we consider it to be worthwhile. Given how much speculation and misinformation has come out about Adam Lambert’s role on “Glee” over the past two months, it’s nice to have a few bits of information that seem to be reasonably set in stone.

The episode we will first see Lambert in is entitled “A Katy and a Gaga,” and it will be the first one that airs after the Cory Monteith tribute episode “The Quarterback.” As for what you’re looking at here in terms of an air date, think November 7.........see the fulll article onCartermatt

Adam Lambert And Queen

Quote :
You will never find a bigger fan of Freddy Mercury than me. From the first time I heard him sing I was enthralled. I never realized he was gay until I was in my teens. I just thought he was flamboyant and really into his music. When I came across this version of 'Who Wants To Live Forever' by Adam Lambert there were moments when I thought Freddy might very well had possessed this boy's vocal cords. Amazing rendition of a great song. I love how the audience sings along. That never gets old........more here

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Adam Lambert News & Information : 7th October 2013
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