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 Adam Lambert News & Information : 3rd October 2013

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PostSubject: Adam Lambert News & Information : 3rd October 2013   03.10.13 0:12

David Arquette Talks to Howard Stern about Adam & THAT Lapdance

Starts at 20.44

Nile Rodgers Explains Adams Role in Lay Me Down

Rolling Stone : Nile Rodgers on Working With Michael Jackson: 'We're Weird Guys!'

Quote :
So I call Adam Lambert, who was hung over from the night before. I guess a friend of his had a birthday party, and he was pretty lit. He was definitely two sheets to the wind. And I said, "Adam, I really need you now, because I have to have somebody sing this." And he was like, "'Oh, no, I can't make it." I was like, "Adam, come on, you're one of the few guys I know who can." He says, "All right, give me a couple hours. I'll just get on the treadmill and try to work this stuff out of me."

Adam shows up and sits next to me, and on cue he's relating the lyrics to his real life, the way he feels right now. I say, "Adam, run out on the mic – let's do this right now." And he goes out and sings it, and he nails it in a couple of takes. Then I sent it to Avicii. He woke up at eight o'clock the next morning and looked at his emails and opened it up. And I get a phone call around 8:05: "Nile, this is a hit!".......more here

Adams Sleeve Makes Hungarys Starity Magazine

Quote :
The singer felvarratta number eight, wrap the whole right arm tattoo, which is built into the key, and the Lusus Naturae is the sample horoszkópos.

Clearly visible on his arm behind the leaf motif of a snake and an apple on a tree branch, leaving the biblical Garden of Eden and the last on September 28 i paparazzi pictures. Lambert Jewish anyway, so perhaps it is not so surprising that this scene was his choice.

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Adam Lambert News & Information : 3rd October 2013
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