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 Adam Lambert News & Information : 18th September 2013

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PostSubject: Adam Lambert News & Information : 18th September 2013   18.09.13 1:35

Avicii and Adam Lambert's 'Lay Me Down' rises up iTunes charts

Quote :
Avicii's new track 'Lay Me Down' is enjoying success in various iTunes charts.

The song - which features Adam Lambert and Nile Rodgers - appears on the Swedish DJ's new album 'True', which was released from September 13.

Despite the track not being officially released as a single yet, it has been performing well in iTunes charts across the world.

It is currently No.3 in the Finnish song chart, whilst it is No.56 in the US list.

'Lay Me Down' is also in the top ten of dance charts in Denmark, Finland, Ireland and Norway.

The record 'True' is sitting at No.2 in the UK and No.3 in the US, meaning that Avicii should land highly when the official albums charts are confirmed next week.

Avicii - You Make Me Interview

At 6.40 Avicii tells us LMD is UK single too

Adam Lambert Drops 'Lay Me Down' + So Much More!

Adam Lambert wants to lay us down? Go oooooooooon...
John Walker wrote:

Forgive us, Adam Lambert, for we have sinned -- it has been nearly two weeks since we last spoke your name! Well, that unholy silence ends today, for you have blessed us with "Lay Me Down," a tuh-ruuuuuly divine collaboration with Avicii and Nile Rodgers. OMG, and that's not even mentioning the flawless Lady Gaga impression that you whipped out on Instagram!

Basically, you are running our lives right now, and we are #INTOIT. We're, like, as into it as we are obsessed with that that photo up top. It's like your eyes are penetrating directly into our souls to determine whether or not we are fab enough to join you in the Grand Principality of Glamsburg. WE SWEAR WE'RE WORTHY! more on  MTV Buzzworthy

Adam Lambert speaks in interview about getting to where he is now
Martin Lamont. wrote:

Fans of Adam Lambert get very defensive when ‘haters’ discuss his history with American Idol saying he hasn’t paid his dues and some seem to think he was handed success despite finishing second place.

Adam Lambert though remembers things differently and discusses the path its taken him to get to where he is today – to be working with Queen and how he deals with criticism.

He went on.......

Adam Lambert spoke recently to Pheonix Radio about how he deals with criticism:

“Everybody has an opinion, right?” Lambert  said. “Sometimes it’s hard to hear, but I think growing up as a kid and doing theater, I got used to wanting a role and not getting it.” more on Unreality TV

Unconfirmed Glee News

Adam Will Not  Play a Drag Queen : Sing Judas

Adam Will   Sing Applause : Start Filming next week


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Adam Lambert News & Information : 18th September 2013
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