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 Adam Lambert News & Information : 28th August 2013

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PostSubject: Adam Lambert News & Information : 28th August 2013   28.08.13 0:19

EQ Commentary: LGBT Equality Or Just A Really Good Show?
The Macklemore VMAs Gay Debate

Superb kudos for Adam and Outlaws of Love

Raj Rudolph wrote:

Every year, there is always something on the MTV Video Music Awards that really toasts my goose. This year was certainly no exception. And, believe it or not, it didn’t have anything to do with the nudesy, twerking and grinding Miley Cyrus mess or the under-hyped 90 seconds of deflated joy that was the N’SYNC reunion, but rather, it was actually the crowning of a new “LGBT Hero” that was bestowed upon Macklemore and Ryan Lewis for their pro-equality song and video for “Same Love”.
Quote :
I’d like to examine that if I may…
Last year Adam Lambert made one of THE defining gay anthems of our time – it’s called “Outlaws Of Love” and it’s one of those LGBT anthems that literally brings tears to my eyes, every time I see and hear him perform it. Most people would have deemed this track more than single-worthy. A lot of hardcore Adam Lambert fans would have supported this song as a potential single from “Trespassing”, with hopes of elevating Adam Lambert to the level of Freddie Mercury or Elton John. But why wasn’t “Outlaws Of Love” released as a single? more on EQ Music

Star Spotting: There's So Much Beauty In Katy Perry +
Adam Lambert's Photo, We Can Barely Look Directly At It

Byron Flitsch wrote:

Though watching our sixty-second VMA supercut video on repeat really does wonders with VMA withdrawl, a worthy alternative cure might be staring at the photo of Adam Lambert and Katy Perry up top, which Adam shared on his Instagram along with the caption, "Me and my grill @katyperry." (Wordplay FTW!)

This picture of Katy and Adam BFF-ing at Sunday's ceremony is just, like, TOO PERFECT! Seriously, our pupils can only handle so much beauty-per-pixel. Speaking of pixels, we're willing to bet that if you zoomed in on this photo about fourteen-bazillion times, you'd see that every tiny digital dot is actually a little fleck of glowing glam. What, you don't think that pop stars' pictures are made up of the same plebian pixels we get, do you? GET more on MTV Buzzworthy

Adam, Miley and the Penalties of Edge

Quote :

Sunday night, Miley Ray Cyrus (with the wiling help of Robin Thicke) shocked the country by performing a highly sexualized dance to a highly sexualized song in a  latex bikini, doing so on the MTV Video Music Awards. That bastion of conservative values and modesty.

Disclosure. I did NOT see this. I didn’t avoid it or anything, I just wasn’t home when it happened and I seriously have no interest in watching it. I also have no problem with Miley, who is an adult and who has been in show business since she was nine years old and therefore knows exactly what she was doing, performing as she did. Anyway, this post isn’t about the performance.  It’s about the fallout........continue reading on  Disco Rodeo

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Adam Lambert News & Information : 28th August 2013
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