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 Adam Lambert News & Information : 9th July 2013

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PostSubject: Adam Lambert News & Information : 9th July 2013   09.07.13 0:18

American Idol:Adam Lambert and the 80s Cover Album Debate

Matt Carter wrote:

According to The Hollywood Reporter, there is some discussion about having the former singing-show star, who has two commercially-successful discs under his belt already in “For Your Entertainment” and “Trespassing,” releasing his next disc as one containing covers of popular songs from the aforementioned decade. The label at RCA seems to be interested in the idea, after sales for his sophomore album were only around a fifth of what he had for his debut...........Cartermatt

Star Spotting: Adam Lambert Is Seriously Owning Jazz Hands

Byron Flitsch wrote:
If you ever wondered whether Adam Lambert would look like a total fool while making jazz hands, then the answer would be a big ole "NOPE!" Just look at the above photo of Adam giving some serious onstage spirit fingers! Actually, his gesture is so flawless, we're thinking he should just rename the move to "Glam Hands." (Totally trademarking that ish, BTW.) Now, wish us luck while we study this helpful (and yet INSANELY awkward) tutorial to help us nail the move just like Adam. *Exits while giving jazz hands* more on MTV Buzzworthy

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Adam Lambert News & Information : 9th July 2013
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