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 Adam Lambert News & Information : 27th June 2013

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PostSubject: Adam Lambert News & Information : 27th June 2013   27.06.13 0:10

When Will Adam Lambert’s Worldwide Stardom Reach Critical Mass?

Kerry Kolsch wrote:

Adam Lambert is the best live performer in the entertainment industry today. He is the voice of this generation. Lambert's vocals are untouchable and he is more than just a superb singer. Lambert's extraordinary natural gift has been fine tuned with skillful technique and combined with his audacious showmanship. Lambert's raw sexual energy is reminiscent of young Elvis. The young Elvis parallel is completed by Lambert's blue eyed, six foot one inch of strutting, sexy, hip grinding Alpha male. Around the world fans are mesmerized and chanting his name, yet in his own country Lambert is treated like the red haired stepchild of the music industry. Award shows ignore him. Radio stations will not play his music. What will it take for Adam Lambert to get the acknowledgement he deserves in the good old US of A? Will the catalyst be "monkey see, monkey do"?...........continue reading on Yahoo Voices

Adams Shred of Hope T Shirt SOLD!

The 7 Day Auction ended through the night and attracted steady bidders throughout the week
It was of the highest earners and eventually sold for $2,550. Well done to the winning bidder

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Adam Lambert News & Information : 27th June 2013
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