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 15 : 3 : 2013 : Palace of Sport : Minsk Belarus

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PostSubject: 15 : 3 : 2013 : Palace of Sport : Minsk Belarus   15.03.13 2:19

Adam Lambert - bright flash on a rainy day

March 15, 2013 on the stage of the Minsk Palace of Sports hosted a concert of Adam Lambert. He first visited Belarus. The Belarusian weather greeted him quite surly. Hurricane Javier is not a joke was played on this day.

Quote :
By noon on the Internet, there were reports that the airport does not accept flights. However, the fact that the long-awaited meeting will be canceled, did not want to believe. By evening all the sidewalks leading to the Palace of Sports, was covered by impassable snow drifts, however, the narrow paths were lines of people. Without looking at the weather, all these people wanted to get to the concert.

An hour before the appointed time, a dance floor and a fan zone were filled fans of Adam Lambert. And the less left before the meeting, the more the audience called for the emergence of an idol. Any movement on the stage accompanied by cries of the artist's name. And that time has come, and the hall was filled almost completely, and the wait was becoming more intense, and just could not believe that he is about to appear. The lights went out, the rows of rolled rumble of voices and girlish squeals, and a variety of colored rays pierced the space, and lined up on the podium in the center of the stage, there was Adam Lambert. Beautiful, young, stylish with a vocal range of four octaves. Much anticipated, at this day. The first song - and a powerful energy message to the audience. All eyes in an instant it was directed only at him.
And then there was the first impression of what he saw - he's brilliant, he is the hall to the viewers and listeners, it is open ... It is a revelation! Opening for those longing for beauty enjoying the fact that one person signed talent, voice, artistry, charisma and beauty.

Fans of Adam made a stunning flash mob. Quite unexpectedly, hundreds of paper hearts with the name ADAM they propelled upwards. And this was the heart wave synchronously move to the beat of the music.

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15 : 3 : 2013 : Palace of Sport : Minsk Belarus
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