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 8 : 3 : 2013 : The Star Theater : Singapore

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PostSubject: 8 : 3 : 2013 : The Star Theater : Singapore   07.03.13 23:03

The fearless Mr Glambert

Quote :
We did not have a chance to get Adam Lambert's take on Anne Hathaway's Oscar win last week, but we're pretty sure he was pumping his fists and going "(expletive) yeah!"

After all, Lambert, 31, has never been shy about expressing an opinion - or well, just expressing himself, period.

The American Idol runner-up will be in town to perform at The Star Theatre this Friday.

In the three years since his last show here at the Formula 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix, Lambert has been on the rise.

He's filled in for the late Freddie Mercury for performances with Queen and hosted and performed at VH1 Divas Live last year alongside stars like Kelly Clarkson and Miley Cyrus..........continue reading on Asia One

Adam in Singapores New Magazine


‘Idol’ star Adam Lambert on pre-show rituals:

No, I don’t sacrifice baby goats

Quote :
Fans call him Glambert because of his sexy eyeliner, goth clothes and over-the-top performances, but American Idol glam-rocker Adam Lambert's most eye-opening moniker yet must be the one an ardent Chinese fan gave him.

"I'm not sure if it was a mis-spelling on it, from Chinese to American (English). It said something about my 'Glam-bulge'," said Lambert, bursting into amused laughter.

"It's interesting to be objectified, I'll tell you that."

Clad in an outfit that looked like it was inspired by S&M bestseller 50 Shades of Grey- down to his smokey grey contacts and metallic silver and black toenails, Lambert was easy-going and spontaneous throughout the brief press conference held on Thursday at the plush W Hotel in Sentosa Cove.

When asked whether he would be doing anything fantastic for his Friday concert, he said that he would be keeping things spontaneous -- with two huge suitcases of clothes to swap and change around any way he more on Yahoo Singapore

Adam Lambert: My show promotes love, acceptance, positivity, joy

Quote :
American pop singer Adam Lambert was apparently unaware that his concert on Friday at The Star Theatre has been the subject of a complaint.

At press interviews today, he emphasised that his show, his first solo full-length concert here, promotes "love, acceptance, positivity, joy, connection".

He landed here on Wednesday, the same day the Media Development Authority gave his concert an "Advisory 16 and above (some mature content)". This means the concert is believed to contain material that may not be suitable for younger audiences, but admission will not be restricted to anyone under the age of 16.The article continues on Strait Times

Buzz over Adam Lambert's concert in Singapore

Quote :
Adam Lambert and his concert entourage flew into Singapore late Wednesday afternoon fresh off the Hong Kong leg of his world tour amid a bit of controversy over his upcoming gig's venue.

He was welcomed at Changi Airport by an army of screaming "Glamberts" as his fans are commonly known.Decked out in dark shades and a cap, he smiled briefly for the fans as he was quickly escorted and whisked into his waiting private transport.

A complaint has reportedly been filed regarding a venue – owned by a church’s business unit – hosting a performance by openly gay singer Adam Lambert.

While the singer himself has not commented on the issue on his Twitter channel, @adamlambert, a 22-year-old NCC churchgoer, who is an undergrad, said she is “cool” with the more including the NCCs response on Yahoo Singapore

Adam Lambert's concert gets MDA's Advisory 16 rating

Quote :
American pop star Adam Lambert's concert in Singapore on Friday has been given an "Advisory 16 and above (some mature content)" rating by the Media Development Authority (MDA).

This means the performance by the openly gay singer contains content that may not be suitable for younger audiences, but will not restrict admission by age.

The MDA explained on its website that the concert "will feature two songs from Adam Lambert's album Trespassing - Outlaws Of Love and Shady - whose lyrics are based on the singer's personal experiences and lifestyle".

The Straits Times reported last Saturday that the National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) was looking into a complaint that a church-owned venue was hosting the Lambert's concert, which may promote "the gay lifestyle". The American Idol runner-up will perform his first full-length concert at The Star Performing Arts Centre which is owned by a business arm of New Creation Church.

Adam Lambert: Prepare to be surprised

Quote :
Adam Lambert fans here - or Glamberts as they are sometimes known - can expect the unexpected whtn the singer takes the stage at the Star Theatre tonight.

“I’m pretty impulsive, I don’t really plan too far in advance so when we rehearsed for this tour, we rehearsed this basic set featuring music from the two albums, figuring out a flow that made sense,” said the singer during his interview at W Singapore-Sentosa Cove more on Today Online

Adam Lambert: 'I get trespassed into my personal space all the time!'

Quote :
In town for his concert live in Singapore 2013, Adam Lambert tells us how American Idol changed everything for him and what else does he dreams about achieving now.

© MSN Singapore

Adam Lambert, glam rocker turned vampire?

Quote :
Glamberts alert! We trespassed into vampire-wannabe Adam Lambert’s lair and here’s what we found.

‘Trespassing’ as a metaphor

Given the title of his latest album, Trespassing, asked Adam Lambert if he has been guilty of trespassing or any other notable misdemeanours. Laughing off the term “notable misdemeanours”, Lambert sadly says no, he’s been pretty good.

Lambert explained that his latest album is more of a metaphor. It is about “breaking new ground, taking risks, going forward into something that’s not necessarily an instant fit or going into a community or situation where you’re not met with open arms but you just have to have the faith in yourself and go for it”.

It is also reflective of his lifestyle in the entertainment industry; taking risks like going on Idol and the different projects he has taken on over the years which have all been challenges. ‘Trespassing’ for him is like a call to just go for it.

He further explains that the idea behind the album was autobiographical but also trying to find some common ground with his more on MeRadio

Adam Rocks Singapore

Adam Lambert flaunts both style and substance at Singapore show

Quote :
“Someone once asked me if I’m promoting a certain ‘lifestyle’ in my shows,” Adam Lambert told fans at his gig here last night. It was near the end of the event, but liveliness levels in the Star Theatre @ The Star Performing Arts Centre remained sky-high.

I said the only lifestyle I’m promoting is one of love, friendship, joy, music and fashion. And if anyone wants to come and be a part of this lifestyle, well, we accept everybody!” A clear, strong message to those who’ve ever discriminated against the singer’s sexuality which, judging by the number of euphoric fan girls, is clearly not an issue!.........continue reading on xinmsn

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8 : 3 : 2013 : The Star Theater : Singapore
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