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 The Jay Leno Show : 17 : 1 : 2012

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PostSubject: The Jay Leno Show : 17 : 1 : 2012   18.01.12 23:54

Adam Lambert Performs
“Better Than I Know Myself” On ‘Jay Leno

Quote :
Talk about a showstopping performance

Adam Lambert appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno to give the debut performance of his new single, “Better Than I Know Myself,” and there’s no other word to describe the performance other than absolute and total “slayage.”
From the finely tuned band, which includes new musical director Kevin Hastings, who used to work with Rihanna, to Adam displaying every peak and valley of his stunning voice, a debut performance couldn’t get any better. If we weren’t already in love, we’d be falling head-over-heels right about now.

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The Jay Leno Show : 17 : 1 : 2012
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