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 American Music Awards : 20 : 11 : 2011

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PostSubject: American Music Awards : 20 : 11 : 2011   19.11.11 10:12

Adam Lambert to Present at 2011 American Music Awards

Shirley Halperin

Quote :

Two years after sparking a wave of controversy with a same-sex mid-performance kiss, the "American Idol" runner-up returns to the ABC show’s stage. Says producer Larry Klein: “Adam was never banned.”

“Adam Lambert was never banned from the show,” says American Music Awards executive producer Larry Klein emphatically while eyeing a chair on the aisle of row two, audience left (see photo). That’s where the American Idol runner-up will be seated on Sunday night, just behind Heidi Klum. Lambert will also be presenting an award, marking his first return to the ABC show where he sparked a wave of controversy.
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To recap: it was November 2009, five months after Lambert closed out Idol with a bang, but without the title. His debut album For Your Entertainment, was about to come out and in front of a TV audience of 14 million, the San Diego native was to perform the title track.

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Chris Brown, Adam Lambert and a $500,000 Performance:

AMAs EP on What to Expect Sunday

Shirley Halperin

This article has been snipped for Adam Lambert content only.

Quote :

But with music’s share of controversial characters, the show’s producers can also be put in the precarious position of defending art, oftentimes after a performance, as in the case of Adam Lambert, who got into a heap of hot water when he spontaneously kissed his male bass player during a 2009 performance (the American Idol alum returns this year as a presenter), and sometimes before.

After explaing about a Performer on the show the article goes on to say

Quote :

Says Kline: “I like Chris an awful lot and I respect his creativity. I wanted him on the show badly this year, and I fought for it on many levels. Of course, no one could condone what happened years ago -- it was a terrible thing -- but everybody deserves a second chance and this man has had a great year musically.” He applies similar reason to Lambert, who ABC had reportedly banned after the 2009 performance, telling THR, "Did [Adam] get carried away? Absolutely. Was he regrettful afterwards? Of course he was, but it’s over... We’d absolutely have him back.”

Read the article in it;s full context on The Hollywood Reporter

Adam Lambert returns to American Music Awards to screaming fans

Jodi Jill

Quote :

Adam Lambert is loved at the American Music Awards 2011. The entertainer returned to the AMAs stage after two years and a controversy that had tongues wagging around the country to introduce the band OneRepublic. Sharing a moment with the crowd, Adam Lambert looked delighted to once again be part of the show.

“Wow has it been two years already? Wow time flies,” said Adam Lambert standing on stage. The crowd roared for the entertainer as he stood before everyone. “ Thank you very much. “

It was only two years ago that the impulsive kiss at the end of the performance at the American Music Awards had people talking. It what had people upset and overwhelmed, there were rumors that Adam Lambert was banned from the show. While he took his lumps after the award show performance with several shows cancelling, he was never banned from the American Music Awards.

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Adam On The Red Carpet

Introducing One Republic

Adam Trended After His Appearance

Adam Lambert Returns to the AMAs, For Our Entertainment

Lyndsey Parker

Quote :

Two years after Adam Lambert kissed a boy and ABC executives didn't like it, during his notorious and now-legendary show-closing performance at the 2009 American Music Awards, the "American Idol" rabble-rouser returned to the show as an AMAs presenter this Sunday, effectively ending the network's unofficial Lambert ban and bringing the controversy-baiting Idol's crazy career full circle. "Has it been two years already? Wow, time flies," he quipped, as he took the stage wearing a natty suit and a knowing smile.

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At The Rolling Stone Magazine After Party

ADAM APPEARS AT 0.09 & 1.09


In The Audience & Backstage Texting

Adam on ETalk Canada

Remember Jess and her Pleather pants rip?

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American Music Awards : 20 : 11 : 2011
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