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PostSubject: Daily Mail   29.09.10 1:07

American Idol's Adam Lambert sparks 1,500 complaints over

racy performance on American Music Awards

Quote :

American Idol star Adam Lambert's provocative performance on the American Music Awards has sparked 1,500 complaints.

The 27-year-old singer, who is openly gay, offended some viewers when he kissed a male musician and simulated oral sex with a dancer.

After the show was broadcast live on Sunday night, hundreds of complaints flooded into U.S. TV network ABC.

During his performance of his new single For Your Entertainment, Lambert cavorted on stage with male and female dancers, which were dressed in S&M-style outfits and masks.

The singer, who was the runner-up in the American Idol final earlier this year, also grabbed his crotch and stuck his finger up at the audience during his risqué set.

Timothy Winters, president of the Parents Television Council said he had received a string of complaints from outraged members.

He said: 'They're outraged. They just can't believe the nature of the content, the explicit nature, and how much graphic content there was.'

Read more on 25th November 2009

American Idol glam rocker Adam Lambert shows off new

shaved haircut at MuchMusic Awards in Toronto

Lizzie Smith

Quote :

We're used to enjoying the outrageous hairstyles of female pop stars such as Lady Gaga.

But glam rocker Adam Lambert proved it's not just the girls who can play with their looks as he debuted an eye-catching new cut at the MuchMusic Awards in Toronto.

The flamboyant 28-year-old teamed shaved sides with a Rihanna-esque flick of longer hair at the front.

Read more on 22nd June 2010

Is that really Adam Lambert?

American Idol star looks like a regular guy as he meets fans

Quote :

Outrageous American Idol contestant Adam Lambert toned down his look yesterday while visiting a radio station in Philadelphia for a fan event.

The usually flamboyant performer looked relatively sombre in a black T-shirt, jeans and hat, with tinted geek-style glasses.

However, he did hang on to his trademark black 'guy-liner', albeit a more subdued version of his usual high maintenance look.

Read more on 13th August 2010

Leather Lambert:

American Idol's Adam vamps it up in bizarre laced trousers

Quote :

It's not an outfit that's built for comfort.

Adam Lambert squeezed himself into a pair of leather lace-up trousers as he left a hotel in Montreal yesterday.

Let' s hope the American Idol alumni doesn't need to go to the bathroom too frequently because those look like they could take a while to undo.

Read more on 15th August 2010

Undercover Idol:

Adam Lambert ditches the glam rock to go incognito in Miami Beach

Quote :

Adam Lambert isn't usually one to mould in with the crowds.

With his outrageous make-up, hair and glam rock persona the American Idol season eight runner up stands out like a sore thumb.

But yesterday on Miami Beach Lambert was incognito in a wide brim straw hat, dark shades and green surfer shorts.

Read more on 17th September 2010

Adam Lambert courts controversy by repeating his racy on-stage antics

Quote :

It seems that Adam Lambert is determined not to tone down his stage act.

After sparking more than 1,500 complaints with his racy stage antics last year, American Idol singer Adam Lambert once again kissed one of his male band members during a concert last night.

Lambert, 28, who is openly gay, first performed the move during last year's American Music Awards awards telecast.

Read more on 19th November 2010

America Idol's Adam Lambert lives the dream...

as fellow contestant Alex Lambert faces homelessness

Quote :

There could be no clearer sign of how important American Idol can be than the differing experiences of former contestants Adam Lambert and Alex Lambert.

While the two share a last name, they have little else in common other than their time on the show.

Adam is now a genuine star, touring the world and moving into a luxury home after a stay at the upmarket Sunset Marquis. Meanwhile Alex claims to be homeless, 'crashin behind buidings and sleepin outside' after failing to make it after leaving the show.

Read more on 20th January 2011

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