Supporting & Promoting Adam Lambert in the U.K.
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 GMTV /Daybreak

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PostSubject: GMTV /Daybreak   28.09.10 17:12

Pre Performance

Quote :

American Idol finalist Adam Lambert will be live on GMTV on Monday! Send in your questions for him now

American Idol finalist, touted as the male Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert joins us for a chat and his first UK performance of his new single, For Your Entertainment, on Monday.

He was meant to join us last week, but due to the volcanic ash cloud was stuck in LA.

Debut album

With his out-of-this-world vocal range and unique musical style, Adam Lambert is the ultra-glam, rock superstar that has America hooked.

In the US, Adam's highly-anticipated debut album, For Your Entertainment, has already hit the top 3 in the Billboard chart and sold over 750,000 copies to date.

Adam likens his new single to Wilkommen from Cabaret because "it says 'I'm going to put on a show' and it reflects my musical theatre influences."

Did you know?

* He appeared in the Broadway production of Wicked, European production of Hair and The Ten Commandments: The Musical at the Kodak Theatre alongside Val Kilmer
* He thought he was too 'out there' to audition for American Idol but one of his Wicked co-stars said he should go for it
* Lady Gaga, Pink and Justin Hawkins wrote tracks for his album
* He wants to create a unisex make-up line

Adam Lambert First Live UK TV Performance on GMTV

APRIL 26TH 2010

Post Performance Question & Answer Session

Emma Lazenby
Quote :

American Idol finalist Adam Lambert joins us on the GMTV sofa, performs his new single and answers your questions!

American Idol finalist, touted as the male Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert joined us for a chat and his first UK performance of his new single, For Your Entertainment, this morning and hung out with GM.TV to answer your questions.

GM.TV: How did your performance go this morning?

Adam: I had a great time but it's strange not having an audience in front of me! I prefer that. I'm performing at Heaven in London tonight and I can't wait!

Alicia: Would you launch your own fashion label – I love your style!

Adam: Yeah, I'd love that!

GM.TV: There should be more sparkle in men's clothes!

Adam: I totally agree! I call it 'tacky chic'! It's like Vegas threw up on me and I like it! There needs to be more glam in men's fashion!

Monique: Is there a certain ritual you do for good luck before you go on stage?

Adam: Not at all! I'm not superstitious about performing. I've done it for so long and it's part of who I am so I trust it.

Michelle: You seem very grounded with a great sense of humour – is it difficult to keep this in the midst of all the madness of being a rising star?

Adam: Sometimes! I have my moments where I get a little stressed out or overwhelmed but then I try to remind myself how fortunate I am to be where I am and how amazing these opportunities are and that's the pep talk I give myself if I start losing it. That always brings me right back down.

Morgan: Besides your musical success, what is your ambition in life?

Adam: Just to keep doing it and to keep entertaining. One of the reasons I waited so long to really, really go for my dream was that I was trying to find out who I was and I was learning about life and about myself so by the time I turned 27 I had this realisation that I wanted to take it to the next level. I knew I wanted to have more money (laughs) and to entertain on a larger scale. The practical and artistic aspirations kicked into overdrive.

GM.TV: You must be so, so happy right now!

Adam: It's so great and the fact that it's all happening overseas now is a dream come true!
GM.TV: How are you finding London?

Adam: I adore it! I can see myself living here. I love the culture, the history and that dry wit that I really get a kick out of. I think it's just more my style in many ways. I love the United States and I've lived in LA for eight years and I have a blast there but if I was going to make a change I'd love to live abroad.

Tom: What was the last single or album you bought?

Adam: I'm constantly buying music but I think the Taoi Cruz song was the last one, 'Break Your Heart', which I love!

Katy: Is it true that your natural hair colour is strawberry blonde?

Adam: It IS true! I have no problem with it but it tends to make me look 12 years old! I like how dramatic my black hair is. But I have to wear a lot of bronzer!

Praise: Who is the person you turn to in times of trouble?

Adam: I have a great group of friends and family – I actually consider my friends to be my family. It's a very tight-knit circle of people that I depend on and I trust their judgement. If ever I need support I can pick up the phone and I have people that I can talk to that put it into perspective for me.

GM.TV: Having the right support must be so, so important?

Adam: Especially doing this – it can get pretty insane.

GM.TV: How do you cope with being away from your friends?

Adam: My i-Phone is like my best friend! I love it! It's so great when you're travelling – I can keep in touch with people, watch movies, listen to music!

Suzie: You are so amazing vocally but how critical are you about yourself after performances?
Adam: I am SO hard on myself. If you were on the outside looking into my head you would probably be shocked. I'm a perfectionist and I get so frustrated with myself when it's not perfect.

GM.TV: We hope you're not too hard on yourself!

Adam: Sometimes I am. But I think it's a good thing. My expectations for myself are so high that when I go on stage I have to try to live up to these expectations and that probably creates a stronger performance. If were lazy and didn't care as much it'd probably be mediocre stuff I was doing.

GM.TV: Do you praise yourself too?
Adam: Sometimes. Just now, I was happy with performance here at GMTV!

GM.TV: We thought you were fabulous so you should be celebrating in London tonight after your Heaven gig!

Adam: I actually think I'm gonna do just that!

GMTV is now known as Daybreak & all Adam info has been removed, therefore no links.

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GMTV /Daybreak
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