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 Friday Night With Jonathon Ross : 7/5/2010

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PostSubject: Friday Night With Jonathon Ross : 7/5/2010   04.05.10 8:39

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From 2009

Quote :

No not Adam.....not yet anyway

Ok......every morning I log onto my emails and see what news I can bring the members of the was a slow trickled in and I thought I know....I'll check TWITTER.......@Wossy was on....for those that aren't familiar with Wossy.......he's Jonathon Ross.....Englands version of Letterman I sends him a TWEET as usual asking him about Adam and gave him the link to here.......

I came on the site to update and for reasons known only to Administrators I thought.......hmmm you're new lemme check you out.......... NO I thought can't be!!!

Oh yep it was............lo and behold I gets this back at TWITTER........

Wossy had been here.........checked us out and re-tweeted!

At least Wossy didn't say NO!!! Keep checking for updates

Got our wish. Adam taped this on the 5th of May and show aired on Friday 7th.

Adam Lambert Dishes on the AMA Kiss and a "Sweet" Simon Cowell

Adam Lambert is so COOL!

Quote :

Last week as he was wrapping up his UK promo tour he appeared on the Jonathan Ross show. He's the equivalent of Jay Leno or David Letterman over there and it's a sign of celebrity status to be booked on the show. And J Ross is obviously an Adam Lambert fan!

In the interview Adam looked his usual drop dead gorgeous self and was very relaxed. His sense of humor was on display and it's a side we need to see more of. He was also very candid about his homosexuality, what it was like coming out, the kindness shown to him by Simon Cowell on American Idol and the infamous AMA kiss on live TV.

I won't spoil it for you but by watching you'll see that Adam is clearly comfortable with his fame, is still committed to his fans and still trying to be as normal as possible under the circumstances.

Jonathan Ross Gets Adam Lambert To Discuss Simon Cowell’s Tongue

Quote :

One TV show Adam Lambert doesn’t have to mind his Ps and Qs on is Friday Night With Jonathan Ross. The Glam One was a guest on Friday’s episode of the UK program and discussed everything from being “a porker” in high school (”I was eating my feelings. Lots of emotional eating—lots of fast food, lots of burgers and things.”) to the difficulties of coming out at a young age (”I didn’t know anyone else gay. I did have liberal parents who were really cool, but it was hard.”) Ross then went for the comedy gold and asked Adam, “What’s it like being on the receiving end of Simon [Cowell]’s wicked tongue?” Watch below, and be sure to catch the very end, where Lambert sings a few lines of “Whataya Want From Me” a cappella (just like this kid).

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Friday Night With Jonathon Ross : 7/5/2010
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