Supporting & Promoting Adam Lambert in the U.K.
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 The 2009 Red Hot Dozen

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PostSubject: The 2009 Red Hot Dozen   30.12.09 18:50

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2. Adam Lambert. Predictably, this out and proud scene-stealer did not take home the top prize in the eighth season of American Idol. Maybe he was not as "mainstream" as they would have liked. But, to date, he is probably the show’s most memorable controversial runner-up. He put on quite a sexually-charged show at the American Music Awards, which garnered mixed reactions. Conservatives got their undergarments in a twist and banned him. Liberals, of course, cheered him on. Lambert is not the performer you would tap to perform in front of the Pope or your bitter old-maid aunt. However, Lambert’s music has taken a backseat to his larger-than-life, paparazzi-magnet persona. Oh well, it's his showmanship that counts.
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The 2009 Red Hot Dozen
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