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 What Prong has to do with Adam Lambert?

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PostSubject: What Prong has to do with Adam Lambert?   24.12.09 16:14

Quote :
Well I want to share with you what I just found out on twitter. This web may be a little boring but you can get a lot of interesting stories.
Have any of you heard of a band called Prong? If not let me show you who they are. According to wikipedia this is a Thrash, groove, industrial metal band formed in 1986 and that they are pioneers in the urban metal scene.The current members of this band are Tommy Victor, Monte Pittman, Aaron Rossi Here is a video so you can have a better idea of their music:

Tommy Victor has worked with some legends in the rock world like Rob Zombie and Marilin Manson.

Who's Monte Pitman:
Well if you are a fan of Madonna you maybe know who this guy is. He's been Madonna's guitar player since 2001. He also taught her how to play the guitar.

Now, why is Adam Lambert in the tittle of the blog?
When I mention Adam Lambert lately people tend to remember certain performance that happened almost three weeks ago but if you like music and you are interested in the real deal about him, well take a look at this info I've found of how he is connected to Monte Pitman and Tommy Victor. The answer is simple, Citizen Vein.

Citizen Vein is a band whose frontman is non other than Adam Lambert and two of the members are Monte Pitman and Tommy Victor. Yes people Adam was part of an alt/rock band and shared stage with metal dudes, lol and most of the songs were written by him and Monte. He's not just a singer, he's a song writer. So here you have two of this band's songs:

Right now Monte is playing with Adam's promo tour band along with Tommy Ratliff, the bass player, Longineu Parsons, the drummer from YellowCard and Lisa Harriton, the touring keyboardist of The Smashing Pumpkins. I knew about Citizen Vein but I didn't notice that Tommy Victor was from Prong (I must be insane).
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What Prong has to do with Adam Lambert?
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