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 Who’s naughty and who’s nice:

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PostSubject: Who’s naughty and who’s nice:   21.12.09 5:53

Quote :
Call this the year of the public screw-up.

From private infidelities (Tiger Woods, David Letterman) to public sex (or simulations of it — thank-you for that, Adam Lambert), there was no shortage of naughtiness to go around in 2009 — and some of the biggest offenders were from the music industry. For this year’s musical naughty list there were oh so many schmucks and schmuckettes to choose from.

Acts of truth, honour and compassion persevered despite all this, but people won’t remember the Boy Scout who helped the little old lady across the street in 2009. They’ll recall with devilish glee the one who posted on the Internet a photo of his buddy passed out drunk.

It’s sad, really. I blame it all on social media sites such as Twitter. Every day you hear of an actor or musician tweeting angrily about something, only to later apologize before abandoning the service for good, days later, with a profane adieu.

Make it all stop now, please. I beg of you.
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Who’s naughty and who’s nice:
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